Below is MMA Mad’s list of MMA Fighters of the Year from the UK and Ireland for each weight-class and split into amateur and professional fighters.

The following are taken into account:

  • Overall record
  • Competition faced
  • Number of times fought
  • Must have fought twice for a UK and Ireland MMA promotion/ Be From the UK and Ireland
  • Not including UFC Fighters (they will be included in our end of year awards.)

Amateur Women’s Strawweight

1. Karolina Wojcik
2. Bryony Tyrell
3. Fee Chrystall

Amateur Women’s Flyweight

1. Danni Neilan
2. Kerry Isom, Megan Morris
3. Kennedy Freeman, Cory McKenna

Amateur Women’s Bantamweight

1.  Louise Hiller
2. Joanne Doyle
3. Rosa Walsh

Amateur Women’s Featherweight

1.  Charlotte McKintyre

Amateur Flyweight

1. Muhammad Mokaev
2. Liam Gittins
3. John James Young

Amateur Bantamweight

1. Adam Amarasinghe
2. Louis Lee Scott
3. Bradley Cooke
3. Jamie Kelly

Amateur Featherweight

1.  Jack Maguire
2. Connor Hitchens
3. Callum Mullen

Amateur Lightweight

1. Chris Duncan
2. Michael Stuart
3. Adrian Halidin

Amateur Welterweight

1. George McManus
2. John Mitchell
3. Mark Gallivan

Amateur Middleweight

1. Christian Leroy Duncan
2. George Smith
3. Jahreau Shepherd

Amateur Light Heavyweight

1. Piotr Chmielecki
2. Aleksandar Joksimovic
3. Luke Trainer

Amateur Heavyweight

1. Michael Parkin
2. Krzysztof Wisniewski
3. Darryl John

Professional Women

1. Molly McCann
2. Zarah Fairn Dos Santos

Professional Flyweight

1. Daniel Barez
2. Sam Creasey
3. Aaron Aby

Professional Bantamweight

1. Nathaniel Wood
2. Jordan Vucenic
3. Cal Ellenor, Javid Basharat

Professional Featherweight

1. Mike Grundy
2. Daniel Crawford
3. Jack Shore , Andrew Fisher, Brendan Loughnane

Professional Lightweight

1. Paul Redmond
2. Anthony Dizy
3. Soren Bak, Chris Fishgold

Professional Welterweight

1. Craig White
2. Ashley Reece, Adam Proctor
3. Lewis Long

Professional Middleweight

1. Lee Chadwick
2. Michael Shipman
3. Ion Pascu

Professional Light Heavyweight

1. Karl Moore
2. Chris Fields
3. Andy Clamp

Professional Heavyweight

1. Philip De Fries
2. Darren Towler
3. Callum Cook

Did we miss anyone? Who else should have we included? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.