Jockey by day, Chel-c Bailey chasing UFC dream at Valor 48

Jockey by day, Chel-c Bailey chasing UFC dream at Valor 48

Chel-c “Battle Born” Bailey takes the next step in her blossoming MMA career on Saturday night in Nashville, Tenn., when the TUF vet tries to improve to 3-0 as a pro at Valor Fights 48.

Before her bout this weekend, “Battle Born” caught up with MMA Mad.

How did you find MMA to begin with?

I wrestled in high school, and I got an offer to go wrestle in college. A couple of my teammates, instead of going to college went into MMA. They were on a local fight card, and there was another female that needed a fight. I’m tough, but I didn’t know how to fight, so they taught me, and I took the fight. I beat the girl I fought, and a couple local coaches hit me up. That’s where it took off.

Do you work outside of MMA?

Yes, I do. I just got off work, actually. I’m a racehorse exercise rider.

What do you think is more dangerous — your day job, or MMA?

I’d have to say the horses because they can be unpredictable animals. You could collide with other horses or irresponsible riders. If you’re going 35 or 40 miles an hour and you plough into another horse or they go over the rails, you can be looking at some very serious injuries.

What are your goals in MMA?

I want to get to the highest level possible and go as far as I can go. Before I was in a weird bout of questioning what I really wanted to focus on, but now I’m shooting for the top. There’s no sense in just settling for anything. I’m really excited for the opportunity to fight for Valor Fights, but I’m shooting for the UFC, I’m shooting for Invicta FC, I’m shooting for Bellator.



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