Today the UK’s purely amateur promotion Battle Arena have announced the next stage of their development. After a highly successful 50th card last month, featuring amateur athletes from the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Brazil, Norway and France; Battle Arena have confirmed that their 51st show will feature National Titles for both Norwegian and French fighters.

Battle Arena owner, James Price told us, “We operate a multi-tiered belt system, which has brought us both positive and negative attention for a while. We have Regional Champions, National Champions, European champions and World Title holders. We’ve become well known for bringing international teams into the UK, giving our British athletes the opportunity to test their skills against people who train and compete in a different way to our fighters”.

He continued, “We’ve had the likes of Sam Creasey, Fabian Edwards and David Khalsa come through our ranks, so our format clearly has some merits. We’re taking it to the next level though. As we all know, MMA isn’t permitted in Norway or France. We have strong relationships with a number of teams from both countries, so going forward, we will be hosting ‘Battle Arena Norway’ and ‘Battle Arena France’ here in the UK. We have agreed for multiple teams from both countries to compete on Battle Arena 51 and crown some Amateur National Champions, with Norwegians facing Norwegians and French facing French for this accolade. This will be streamed to each country to allow the friends and families of those competing to watch their loved ones live”.

“We will continue this in future shows, with the best National Champions having the opportunity to progress to European or World Titles. The support we receive from the international teams is fantastic. Once they experience a Battle Arena, they always want to come back. This way we get to give them something back whilst they’re working to gain legitimacy for their sport in their respective countries”.