Andrew Chatman talks Friday’s action: “I want to take that belt”

Before Fresno’s Andrew Chatman tries to improve to 6-0 at 559 Fights 57 on Friday in Visalia, Calif., the dynamic heavyweight contender caught up with MMA Mad.

What’s the best part of being a heavyweight in MMA?

The best part of being a heavyweight in MMA is the common thought that heavyweights are the top echelon of any given sport – the guys everyone wants to see. For me to be number one in heavyweight will solidify my spot as top prospect.

How do you prepare for your fights?

I do a lot of everything. I never really try to stray away from a given martial arts technique. So, you won’t catch me doing ballet or going out dancing, nothing like that. I like to use repetition and practice martial arts.

With one week before fight night, are you feeling any nerves going into this fight?

I’m not nervous at all. For the first time, I think it may be the same ending we had last time. I’m pretty excited.

Where does that come from?

I have no idea. I think you may have put that spark in me.

What’s the best possible outcome for this upcoming fight?

It’s that I get a quick finish – strictly textbook – cleanly and deadly. Something that can’t be denied. I don’t want to go to decision to get the belt. I want to take the belt. I want to take it by force. Think of a big impact.

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