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Pivot! MMA Mad Unfiltered Will Now Be An Outlet For Op-Eds

Getting a new segment off the ground is tough. It takes hard work and perseverance, unrelenting in the face of criticism and lack of interest. And with that, I’m here to announce that MMA Mad Unfiltered is no more. At least, as we once knew it.

Let me start by apologizing to the tens of you that read my weekly breakdown of upcoming cards. It was quite the journey. But to what end? The only thing worse than spending a ton of time on an unpopular segment would be to remain stubbornly committed to the original idea.

We’re hear to please at MMA Mad. And I’m willing to make changes in order to deliver the best product possible. In the eternal words of Ross – theĀ best character on Friends… come at me if you disagree – we must pivot.

Now we still have this awesome logo (created by the great John Sheehan), so the name will remain the same. But from here on out, MMA Mad Unfiltered will represent the creative side of the site you know and love. That is, after all, my bread and butter.

For years, Dale Jordan has delivered the fastest and most reliable breaking news in the world of MMA. Bias aside, his one of a kind work ethic has taken MMA Mad to incredible heights.

On the flip side, I (Nick Rizner) have been tasked with rounding out the site through podcasting and opinion pieces. Basically, Dale drives the traffic and I provide some personality. While the podcast has become a passion project that I’m quite proud of, my original skillset featured a heavier dose of writing than broadcasting. And to be frank, I miss it.

So this is a return to my roots. There’s no set format. No official schedule. Think of it as a combination of the comedic Barstool Sports blogging style and the creative long-forms seen from Chuck Mindenhall and the like. I’m hoping to carve my own niche while simultaneously entertaining and informing the readers.

Lofty goal, but a worthy one nonetheless.

I truly appreciate all who have shown support to this site. I speak for Dale and I both when I say that it has been a wonderful experience growing this thing from nothing, and I’m excited for what the future may hold.

Stay tuned.

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