Cage Warriors Academy Northwest; Weigh-in results from Liverpool

Cage Warriors returns today for its first Academy Northwest showing.

The event will take place at the Liverpool ACC Conference Centre in Liverpool, England on Saturday, 17th June 2017.

Check out the weigh-in results for the event below:

Elliot Jenkins 154.8 vs. Pedro Perez 157.4 (Elliot Receives 40% of Pedro’s Purse)

Bobby Pallett 168.7 vs. Matthew Bonner 170.4

Anthony Oconnor 155.5 vs. Craig Bale 154.6

Pedro Carvalho 153.9 vs. Craig Edwards 155.3

Beau Gavin 154.6 vs. Scott Pedersen 155 for the CWNW amateur lightweight title

Liam Gittins 125 vs. Ciaran Mulholland 125 for the CWNW amateur flyweight title

John Byrne 155.7 vs. Aaron Pierre 156.3

Julio Calcina 145.8 vs. Paul Evans 146

Danny Dutch 206.2 vs. Ross Pope 204.6

David Jenkins 160.9 vs. Chris Green 158.9 (Catchweight)

Adam Cullen 169 vs. Bobby Scott 169.3

Simon Boult 185.7 vs. Joey Dakin 183.4

Ivo Guerreiro 146 vs. Alex Clayton 144.6

Kieran Ikin 166.7 vs. Macca Parker 169.8

Aiden Russel 163 vs. Llewelyn Fisher 164 (Catch Weight)

Tom Owen 123 vs. Lewis Morcel 124.8

JJ Jones vs. Marlon Jones Same Day Weigh in

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