Dustin Poirier Is Auctioning Off His Fight Gear To Raise Money For Louisiana Food Bank

Dustin Poirier is set to compete against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 211. Alvarez, who held the UFC Lightweight Championship as recently as November, represents a massive challenge for any opponent, while simultaneously representing a massive opportunity to climb the rankings. Even still, Poirier’s mind is elsewhere.

Now this isn’t to say he’s not focused on the fight. At just 28 years of age, Dustin Poirier has established himself as a battle-tested veteran of the sport. With 26 fights under his belt – 17 inside the Octagon – the Louisiana native has proven his ability to compete at the highest level of the sport. A 21-5 record and a slew of post-fight bonuses prove that he can succeed there, as well.

But after spending the last few years in Florida, in close proximity to the famed American Top Team, Dustin finally realized that it was time to return home. Home to where his family can provide him with a much needed support system. After all, a fighter is only as strong as his circle.

If you’re familiar with the documentary “Fightville” (highly recommended), you can get plenty of insight on where Dustin comes from, both physically and metaphorically. Lafayette, Louisiana is the city that raised him and all the makings of the man can be found in its roots.

His daughter is nearly a year old. His wife is looking to go back to school. And while he finds it important that they have a solid foundation upon which to build their lives, this isn’t his only reason for the move.

He wants to pay his city back. The city where his heart resides.

According to a UFC 211 Media Day interview with Ariel Helwani, Poirier is planning to auction off all of his UFC 211 fight gear on EBay. The highest bidder will receive his walkout kit, gloves, shirt, hat, hand wraps, shorts, etc. Everything he wears to the cage. And 100% of the proceeds will go to Second Harvest Food Bank, an organization dedicated to ending hunger in South Louisiana.

This is a cause especially close to Poirier, who grew up on “the rough side” of Lafayette where poverty and needy families were widespread. However, experiencing that first-hand does little to justify it’s existence today.

“It’s just crazy to think that in this day and age, with so much food and so much stuff being thrown away, that there are children wondering where their next meal is coming from.” – Dustin Poirier

Typically, after a fight, Poirier simply stashes his gear away in a drawer, never to be worn again. Seeing that as a waste, he’s decided to use it for something positive, a trend that he plans on continuing in the fights to come.

While we’re not exactly sure when this auction will take place, you can absolutely show your support in the meantime. Head over to the Second Harvest website and make a donation now. We will keep you posted on more details as they become available. Be sure to check out Dustin Poirier vs. Eddie Alvarez at roughly 9:30pm ET, live on FX (not Fox Sports 1).

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