Barstool Sports’ Robbie Fox Does A Little ‘Man On The Street’ at UFC 208

Nothing better – whether we’re talking MMA or not – than a person acting like they know more about a topic than they actually do. I can excuse stupidity. But false bravado is a different thing altogether.

It’s the foundation upon which late night television shows created their most memorable segments. Whether it’s Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel tricking people into ending women’s suffrage or Jay Leno doing his classic JayWalking bit, when done right, it’s entertaining as hell. Automatic funny.

Well it’s about time that concept was applied to the world of MMA. And who better than Robbie Fox, of Barstool Sports, to execute such a task. Check him out as he interviews people outside¬†the Barclay’s Center prior to UFC 208.

The question: “What do you think of the UFC’s newest signing… Robbie Fox?”

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