Conor McGregor to appear in the new series of Game of Thrones

Conor McGregor’s star power is set to grow to even higher heights as the UFC lightweight champion is set to appear in the hit HBO TV series Game of Thrones.

A report from the Sun claims McGregor has held talks with GoT chiefs over a role in one of the two remaining series.

“It’s been agreed that McGregor will appear in one of the remaining two seasons of Game of Thrones.

“He was headhunted as it were by HBO, as one of the Game of Thrones directors is a huge UFC fan. They believed that he would be a perfect fit for the show.”

Earlier this year, Icelandic strongman Hafpor Julius Bjornsson, who plays The Mountain and Conor McGregor appeared in a video of them sparring at McGregor’s gym in Ireland, Straight Blast Gym.

It is unclear what character McGregor will play on the show or even how he will feature but it looks as though the world is Conor McGregor’s oyster.


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