Real Madrid interested in hosting Conor McGregor fight at the Bernabéu

Conor McGregor is getting more and more popular by the minute.

With his popularity rising, major brands are looking to get a piece of the action with the Irishman. A report from today is reporting that Real Madrid, the current European champions, are interested in hosting one of Conor McGregor’s fights in its 80,000+ seater stadium.

Speaking, a spokesperson for the club said they would “be glad if we could make a UFC event; our stadium can hold more than 80.000 fans.”

The Spanish giants confirmed the “event has to be hosted from May to July” – during professional football’s off-season – and that they would require a reasonable timeframe to plan in advance.

McGregor already has some ties to Real Madrid. Madrid’s biggest star, Cristiano Ronaldo is friends with McGregor who went out to visit the Irishman in Las Vegas in the lead up to his UC 202 bout with Nate Diaz.

Great to see you bro!!💪🏽🔝

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