Conor McGregor reacts to being fined $150,000 by the NSAC

Today was an expensive day for UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and not because he went on one of his famous shopping sprees.

It was an expensive one because he was fined a whopping $150,000 by the Neveda Athletic Commission (NAC) on Monday for his part in the water bottle throwing incident with his opponent Nate Diaz and his entourage at a pre-fight press conference days before UFC 202.

McGregor was on the phone during Mondays meeting and apologised for his actions during the incident in question stating that it “will not happen in the future”.

While he may have been apologetic on the phone McGregor took to his Twitter account after the meeting to make light of his punishment in a way that we have become accustom to when “The Notorious” is involved.

“I get fined more than these bums get paid” McGregor said in a tweet.

The $150,000 fine is nothing short of overkill in this situation and I hate to think what type of punishment Nate Diaz will receive when it is his turn to come before the commission.

With UFC 205 fast approaching we can expect more from McGregor on his punishment. As and when such information is available will be sure to have you covered.

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