Alvarez on McGregor stare-down: ‘I’ve never felt so unthreatened by a man’

When you are a UFC champion, chances are they you have faced off with some of the scariest men on the planet on your journey to the top. But last week, apparently this was not the case for Eddie Alvarez who appeared on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

The UFC lightweight champion took the stage with UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor during the UFC 205 press conference at The Theater at Madison Square Garden and Alvarez stated it was the easiest staredown of his career.

“Usually when I square off with a man, my heart rate goes up, I feel something,” Alvarez said . “I never felt so unthreatened by a human being as when I was up on a stage with him. That’s the God’s honest truth. I’ve never felt so unthreatened.”

Alvarez’ main theme during the press conference is that McGregor is the easiest fight he will have at 155lbs and that he will make the most money from this fight.

Alvarez elaborated on Monday.

“They have a well-rounded skill set and even if the fight goes to another realm of MMA, from standing up, to ground, to jiu-jitsu, everyone is tough in each one,” Alvarez said. “They’re well versed, to the point where they can hang with some of the toughest guys in the world in any aspect of the sport. And I don’t think [McGregor] can, from what I’ve seen.”

“The conditioning aspect is just not a good level of conditioning,” the lightweight champ said. “The last Nate Diaz fight was a very big eye-opener for me.”

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