Team McGregor and Team Diaz banned from UFC 202 weigh-ins on Friday

It looks like there will be repercussions¬†from yesterday’s antics at the UFC 202 pre-fight press conference but not as severe as some thought.

During yesterday’s UFC 202 press conference, after McGregor has shown up about 20 minutes late, Diaz got up and walked out of the presser with his camp in tow.

McGregor smiled at first, but the two soon began yelling after Diaz flipped him off.

“Hey, f— your whole team, how about that?” Diaz shouted.

“F— your whole team,” McGregor yelled in response. “You’ll do nothing. Shut your f—ing mouth. You’ll do nothing. You’ll do f—ing nothing. Not one of you will do nothing. Get the f— out of here.”

Before exiting, Diaz threw a water bottle toward McGregor’s team who were lower down in the David Copperfield theater. McGregor and his team responded, by grabbing water bottles of their own and launching them in Diaz’s direction. Security was quick to break it up.

White later told SportsCenter that anyone from the Diaz and McGregor teams who was present during the incident will be banned from Friday’s weigh-in, per MGM security.

You can watch the UFC 202 weigh-ins tomorrow night from Las Vegas right here on MMA Mad. 

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