UFC 200: Cormier grounds Silva in dominant victory

Daniel Cormier put his Olympic-level wrestling skills on display against all-time great striker Anderson Silva at UFC 200, adding yet another top name to his resume with the decision victory.   

UFC 200 is being held tonight (July 9, 2016) at the T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada.

The event will be the first that the organization has hosted at T-Mobile Arena, which opened in April 2016. It takes place during the UFC’s annual International Fight Week and marks the second time the UFC has held host three events in consecutive days.

Daniel Cormier vs. Anderson Silva took place on the main card which aired on PPV.

Anderson Silva circled around the cage early, per tradition, while Cormier looked to cut him off.  He achieved the goal and quickly took Anderson down to the mat.  Anderson pulled full guard, but was having trouble stopping DC from landing short shots.  Cormier wanted to pass, but Anderson held on to full guard until being stacked against the fence, which allowed DC to take half guard.  Daniel worked the ribs with hard punches and set up some elbows along the way.  He had a big lead in strikes landed by by the 1:30 mark.  Silva concentrated on controlling Cormier’s posture, which slowed the GnP for a moment.  That didn’t last, though, and DC went back to pounding away before being stood up at the bell. 

Silva comes out right away with a switch kick to Cormier’s head and kept the attack up.  Cormier caught a leg not long after and returned the fight to the canvas less than thirty seconds into the round.  He took half guard and went right back to work where he left off in the opening round. They stayed in the position until Big John stood them up with 1:30 to go.  Anderson tried a Superman punch, ate a punch from Cormier, and then landed a knee.  Cormier upped the output on the feet at this point and found some success before going back to the clinch with thirty seconds left in the round.  They would enter the final round with the champion clearly in the lead.

Silva seemed to know he needed a finish and came out pumping the jab and looing to be active, but once again found himself on his back thirty seconds into the stanza.  The crowd booed, but Cormier retook half guard and played his game.  He seemed content to grind out the decision despite the feelings of his audience, who actually began to chant “stand them up” at one point.  They got their wish with two minutes remaining in the bout.  Sliva was clearly tired,but DC didn’t seem eager to press the action either.  Silva was trying to find a spot to attack, but couldn’t pull the trigger.  He began to come to life with less than a minute and hurt Cormier with a kick to the body, but DC wisely tied up the all-time great and rode out the clock.

Daniel Cormier picked up yet another victory over a future hall-of-famer with a clean sweep of 30-27 scores.

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