Chuck O’Neil vs Trent McCown added to CES MMA 37 in Lincoln

Ohio’s Trent McCown has been begging CES MMA Matchmaker Pat Sullivan for an opportunity to showcase his skills. When offered a fight with former CES MMA Welterweight Champion Chuck “Cold Steel” O’Neil at CES 37 in Lincoln on August 12, McCown replied “send me the contract.”

“Cold Steel” didn’t hold back how he feels when asked about his opponent.

“Trent is biting off more than he can chew. My hat’s off to him for making the jump up to CES MMA, no matter what his chances are,” said the #UFC vet, who’s seeking his 12th stoppage win on Fight Night. “If he tries to bounce around too much, he’s going to catch one on the chin and go to sleep. If he gets too close to me, I’m not pulling a single-leg takedown — I’m launching him with a German suplex. Best wishes!”

Meanwhile, McCown, who’s fought from 155 to 205 pounds, shied away from trash talking.

“I just plan on putting on a good performance and coming out with the victory. No matter how it’s done, I just plan on coming out with my hand up. Period, bottom-line.”

But he did have a parting shot at O’Neil.

“On Fight Night I’ll make him decide whether he wants to take the MMA route or the pro wrestling route.”

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