Road to CES MMA 36: Lewis Corapi Pro Blog Part 4

“Hey man, are you ready for the fight?” Why, no. No I am not. I have not trained at all, dieted at all, or sacrificed anything whatsoever to get my body and mind physically and mentally ready to engage in combat with another man in front of an audience. Thanks for checking, though!

It’s fight week, and in case anyone couldn’t figure it out from the text above, I’m pretty moody. Besides being tired, hungry and on an emotional roller coaster I’m pissing every 20 minutes because of the water loading I’m doing! Water loading is essentially the process by which you drink more water than usual a few days before weigh ins to get your body primed to sweat and urinate, and then stop drinking completely 24 hours before you step on the scale. This is about as fun as it sounds, maybe even more so (insert eye roll here).

The one good thing about fight week is that you finally get to cut back on some training and relax. However, if you’re crazy like me you won’t be able to relax because you’ll be over analyzing every single thing you did in preparation for the fight and wondering if you could have done better. But hey, at least I’m not getting punched in the face this week besides on Friday night!

“And what fun is Lewis having with the extra free time he has this week?” Is something you may find yourself asking. Well, great question, hypothetical reader!

This week, I’m pretty much relegated to hustling my family and friends to buy tickets and then running around like a maniac dropping off those tickets while I try not to obsess over the lack of food I’m eating! Does anyone want to be a fighter yet?

Well people, between the general fatigue and hunger, my brain has stopped being able to put thoughts on the page, so I’m going to stop before I start typing up gibberish. I hope you’ve all enjoyed or at least laughed at these postings.

Thanks for reading, and please tune in to AXS TV on Friday at 9 p.m. ET to catch the fight!

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