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Ariel Helwani removed from UFC 199, banned from all future UFC events

Mixed Martial Arts reporter Ariel Helwani tweeted on Saturday night that he was escorted out of the Forum in California by UFC officials prior to Michael Bisping’s dramtic UFC title win at UFC 199.

Helwani who previously worked at FOX and still works for reported that Brock Lesnar would return for UFC 200. Moments after Helwani announced the news, the UFC aired a promo video for UFC 200 during UFC 199 confirming Helwani’s report.

The action by the UFC is ridiculous in itself as Helwani was only doing his job, reporting on news that he had obviously sourced from someone with the organisation itself.

However, the UFC did not only escort Helwani from the building, they also escorted Esther Lin (MMA Fighting photographer) and Casey Leydon (MMA FIghting Videographer) with him.

Following the removal, Helwani stated his love and passion for the sport and confirmed that the ZUFFA had banned the three media members from UFC events for life.

At the post fight press conference, UFC Vice President of Public Relations, Athlete Marketing & Development Dave Sholler refused to comment on the situation.

The situation is unbelievably unjust. Helwani, who is widely regarded as the best in the business at reporting MMA news has opened the eyes of the MMA world showing the pettiness of the UFC.

This fiasco surely could of been sorted out with a conversation, however the UFC’s heavy handed approach is something that can not be ignored.

It is clear that the UFC wanted to break the Brock Lesnar news that they clearly worked hard to keep under wraps, but banning Helwani from all future events for reporting the news befoee them makes them look like schoolyard bullies.

Flo Combat’s Jeremy Botter joined Submission Radio to discuss the news and Botter did not hold back with his critism of the UFC and Dana White. (Listen below).

Shame on you UFC, shame on you.

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