[Radio] Ariel Helwani talks Nate Diaz, likeliness of McGregor vs Mayweather

Ariel Helwani joins Submission Radio to discuss his recent in-depth interview with Nate Diaz, what the UFC should do with the Stockton native, if he should be getting the same treatment as Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, what the UFC should do with Conor McGregor next and if the Diaz rematch is the only fight that makes sense, if the UFC will let Conor attempt to hold two belts simultaneously or if it’s not worth their trouble, Colin Cowherd claiming that the McGregor Mayweather fight will happen on September 17th, the new weight cutting rules that come into effect at UFC 200 and if they will put an end to McGregor’s time at featherweight, why collective bargaining would ideally have been implemented when introducing these new rules, the ridiculous rumors behind a potential McGregor vs Mayweather boxing fight, BJ Penn being flagged by USADA and pulled from UFC 199, and lots more.

Video via Submission Radio

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