Road to CES MMA 36: Lewis Corapi Pro Blog Part 2

Photo Credit: Will Paul

Hello fantastic fight fans, thanks for coming back to see what sort of crap I come out with this time!

So someone asked me this week what I was doing differently this camp to prepare for my opponent Julian Lane, and I thought to myself, “Gee willikers, this would be a great subject for the blog!”

Besides the obvious stuff like doing more curls, getting more tribal tattoos and wearing more affliction, this camp hasn’t changed a whole lot. I’m busting my ass every day in the gym, and I’m really concerned with making myself better. There are plenty of guys out there who do more of this or that for each opponent they fight, but what does that say about their normal training if they aren’t trying to get better every day?

That being said, of course i’m working on specific things with my coaches at Sityodtong and Broadway Jiu-Jitsu to prepare for Julian — we know he’s a guy who loves to come out throwing bombs and jumps on submissions. He’s a guy who loves to bang, bro, and really thinks everyone should let him do so (insert hilarious clip from TUF here).

What always strikes me as odd when people ask me about training is this idea of a training camp is the first place, namely the notion that local fighters actually have one. Breaking news, everybody: We don’t!

As somebody who fights on the local scene, I can tell you that the most amount of time I’ve ever had to prepare for a fight was seven weeks. The shortest? Six days. This whole idea of local guys having the ability to train in depth for specific opponents is something that the average fan takes as fact, but in reality we don’t have much of a choice than just to be ready to fight all the time.

For this fight I think I got the offer about four-and-a-half weeks out, and that’s pretty normal. If you’re not constantly in the gym, staying in shape and learning new skills then you’re getting passed by all the other guys who are.

Thankfully, I’m at two gyms with very active guys at both who keep pushing me all the time.

I don’t really think you can underestimate the importance of being in competitive gyms and surrounding yourself with great coaches and solid training partners. Forget all this talk about iron sharpening iron or these posts about lions hunting in packs and all that bullshit, I’m not talking about that. But if you’re surrounding yourself with talented guys that are giving it their all and pushing you every day then you’re going to be successful. Come down to Broadway or Sityodtong any day, and you’ll see the best guys in the area killing each other. That’s what you need, and that’s what I’ve got.

Alright, that’s all I’m spewing out this week. Check back next week for more philosophical musings with your local fighter.

Corapi out!

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