Road to CES MMA 36: Lewis Corapi Pro Blog Part 1

Photo Credit: Will Paul

Hey party people!

My name is Lewis Corapi and I’m a professional fighter. You may know me as the guy fixing his hair in between rounds.

On June 10, I’m back at it against UFC vet, and former CES MMA champion, Julian Lane at CES MMA 36 on AXS TV Fights, live from Lincoln, R.I.

It might be for the best, but I don’t have any crazy story about how or why I got into the fight game. Like most testosterone-fueled teenagers, I was interested in MMA in high school– watching fights on TV and on the internet with my friends and imagining what it would be like to do something that crazy, but never actually going anywhere to do anything about it.

I finally worked up the gusto to check out a gym during the summer going into college, and found Sityodtong about five minutes from my house. I absolutely loved it. After a little while, I started to take it a bit more seriously and was invited to fight.

Since then, it’s just kept rolling and rolling to the point where I’ve tricked a bunch of people into thinking I’m actually a decent fighter! But I’m trying to take this ride as far as it can go.

I certainly don’t approach MMA like a hobby, but I’ve always worked outside of the sport because it gives me much more financial security. During the day, I’m a senior client report analyst in downtown Boston.

I like working in the financial industry, but MMA is my true love and that is what makes me happy. I’m really grateful for the success I’ve been able to have — I’m so far 7-2 with four stoppages — but I’m hopeful that the best has yet to come in my fighting career.

Thank you for checking out the first installment of my weekly MMA Mad pro blog heading into CES MMA 36 — I hope you stay tuned to my blog as Fight Week approaches!

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