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Ultimate Fighter 23 || Live Results from Episode 3

In the last episode of the Ultimate Fighter, Team Claudia’s Cory Hendricks defeated Team Joanna’s Khalil Rountree via rear-naked choke in the very first round. Catch up with all the action from that episode here.

On this episode the strawweights get a chance to enter the cage as Team Claudia’s Tatiana Suarez will take on Team Joanna’s JJ Aldrich.

The live blog will appear below as soon as the episode begins:

Live Blog

Episode 3

Back to my weekly TMZ, I mean TUF blog. Let the trash talk commence. But first, the stuff that’s actually important.

Things start where we left off in episode 2. Helen Harper is really struggling with the setbacks she’s had to face. Injury, sickness, issues with confidence. It’s been a perfect storm of frustration for Harper, which is a bad sign this early. But Khalil has shown some great support and should be a great shoulder to lean on moving forward.

Claudia Tatiana then dives into her history with cancer. It’s getting very disheartening seeing how many people have been directly affected by the illness. Happy to hear she beat it. Now, it’s time to talk strategy. Tatiana is looking to hang on the feet just long enough to find an opening for a takedown. Once their, it’s all about looking for the submission or GNP stoppage. We shall see…

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

We come out of the commercial break hard with a doughnut eating contest between Khalil Rountree & Cory Hendricks. Khalil wins and earns his revenge for the loss last week. Congrats to Khalil.

JJ is a striker first, grappler second. Tatiana is the exact opposite. The parallels between these two and their respective coaches, Joanna and Claudia, are not lost on me. I realize I may eat my words in like a half hour, but I promise I won’t go back and edit. I see JJs as one of my favorites to win the whole thing.

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

Hahaha wait did the commercial break end? DOOM may be a solid game, but cards on the table, depriving a house full of people of any entertainment and then putting a video game in front of them feels like a biased sample size. That’s like starving someone for a week and giving them Necco Wafers. That doesn’t mean Necco Wafers are a good candy.

Both fighters are on weight and we get to another commercial. Or continue the commercials. Haha only on TUF man.

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

Cory Hendricks gets a makeover. He may actually be my favorite character in the house. I love the dead pan humor. Right up my alley.

Hahaha so Matt Hughes and Robbie Lawler walk in to give Tatiana good luck and get virtually no interaction. The TUF filming crew definitely wasn’t happy with that one. Oh well. I’m actually very excited for this fight! Striker vs. Grappler at it’s best. Both women have a high ceiling in this season. Time to find out who’s road ends here.

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

Round 1:

Tatiana goes for the takedown early, but it’s stuffed. She goes for it again and succeeds. All within the first 45 seconds. Tatiana moves to side control along the fence and begins working a head lock. JJ remains calm and gets things back to the feet, but only for a moment as Tatiana scores another big takedown. Now she’s got JJ’s back.

Tatiana works hard for ar ear naked choke at the midway point of round one but JJ survives. What I noticed from the prelim fights was a lot of strength and aggression but not the crispest technique from Tatiana. We’re seeing that again here. But still, she’s dominating the round. At some point, Tatiana got cut, but I didn’t see it happen. Big round for Tatiana but not a lot of damage done.

MMA Mad scores the first round 10-9 Tatiana Suarez. 

—————— COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————

Round 2:

Another takedown from Tatiana and JJ is on her back early in round 2. Tatiana is really just rag dolling her in this fight. Really bad stylistic matchup for JJ. Really great matchmaking by coach Claudia. And with less than two minutes left in the fight, she sinks in the rear-naked choke and gets the tap. Pure dominance from Tatiana.

Official Decision: Tatiana Suarez def. JJ Aldrich via rear-naked choke.

“I’m gonna punch you so hard. So hard.” – Joanna Jedrzejczyk

“Why you got to tell me that?” – Claudia Ghadelha

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