Dana White on McGregor’s Inclusion at UFC 200: “The Window Is Pretty Much Closed”

Last night, news broke that the UFC would be pulling Conor McGregor from his scheduled bout at UFC 200, for his refusal to attend a mandatory press conference this weekend in Las Vegas.

Earlier today, it appeared there was still some hope for reconciliation. In an appearance on The Herd, Dana was asked what would happen if Conor called him and attempted to straighten things out. His reply seemed cautiously optimistic, as he alluded to a short window of time in which the fight between McGregor and Diaz could be saved.

It appears that that window has now closed.

Dana White appeared via satellite on UFC Tonight to update us on the latest information concerning Conor McGregor’s standing at UFC 200. Among the questions he was asked – many of which were already answered in previous interviews – was the aforementioned question of reconciliation.

Dana’s response was short and to the point. He said simply, “the window is pretty much closed.”

According to the UFC President, Conor had already missed several promotional obligations that the rest of the fighters on the card were in attendance for. This, in essence, rules out his chances of remaining on the UFC 200 card.

With the amount of money going into this media tour, Conor’s absence was deemed unacceptable, leaving the UFC no choice but to pull him from the card. According to Dana White, the promotional costs for this event exceed 10 million dollars, with the commercial, alone, costing over 1 million.

We will keep you posted on more information as it develops.

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