[Social] USADA tweet retirement rules following Conor McGregor ‘retirement’

Yesterday afternoon, Conor McGregor tweeted that he was retiring young from the sport of MMA. Subsequent to the tweet, UFC president Dana White appeared on SportsCenter to announce that the UFC has pulled Conor McGregor from UFC 200 as the UFC featherweight champion was unwilling to travel to Las Vegas this week to begin promoting UFC 200 as McGregor is currently in a training camp in Iceland.

As the dust has settled on this news, The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has tweeted to UFC athletes that if they are considering retirement, they still have responsibilities.

The responsibilities can be found below:


For USADA and UFC anti-doping purposes, UFC athletes who retire from competitive sport must promptly inform the UFC in writing through fax, courier, or email of their retirement. Athletes who have not formally notified UFC of their retirement, or otherwise ceased their contractual relationship with UFC, shall remain subject to the requirements of an athlete in the UFC Registered Testing Pool (UFC RTP), including the obligation to submit to doping control upon request.

If an athlete retires or ceases to be under contract with the UFC while USADA is conducting the results management process, USADA retains jurisdiction to complete its results management process. If an athlete retires or ceases to be under contract with the UFC before any results management process has begun, and USADA had results management authority over the athlete at the time the athlete committed an ADPV, USADA has authority to conduct results management in respect to that ADPV.

Return from Retirement

In accordance with Article 5.7 of the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, athletes wanting to come out of retirement and return to eligible status must enroll in the UFC RTP, fulfilling all whereabouts requirements, and make themselves available for testing for a period of at least four (4) months before returning to competition. To re-enroll in the UFC RTP, an athlete must send a return-from-retirement statement through courier, fax, or email to the UFC.


It looks as though, if Conor McGregor goes through with ‘retirement’ is still has some actions to carry out.

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