Cage Warriors 75 || Complete Results from the Camden Centre, London

Cage Warriors is back on April 15, 2016 from the Camden Centre in London, England. MMA Mad will be there live to bring you the results live as they happen. Check out MMA Mad on Twitter as all the action unfolds on Friday.

Check out the results live as they happen below:

Jack Hermansson (c) vs. Alan Carlos for CWFC middleweight title

Round 1 – Feeling each other out in the first minute.  Hermansson comes forward and takes a right hand from Carlos. Hermansson using a jab, but not landing with it much.  Carlos is trying to time it.  The champ pushes Carlos to the cage and gets a clinch.  He’s looking for some short shots now and landing some decent elbows.  Now Carlos gets some knees in right before they break.  The challenger lands some kicks and tries to set up his hands.  Now Hermansson pushes forward and landed some nice punches.  He’s getting more aggressive int he later part of the round.  He’s using footwork relatively well to set up his strikes.  Bell sounds with both still standing.

MMA Mad scores the round 10-9 Hermansson

Round 2 – hermansson immediately pressures Carlos at the beginning of the round.  He landed some, but the challenger fires back with a nice overhand right.  Good kicks now from Hermansson.  Hermansson is faster of the two.  Doing good work with the jab now.  More kicks from Hermansson.  Carlos isn’t doing a whole lot.  Carlos finally opens up and rocks Hermansson!  Hermansson shoots, but ends up giving up his back.  He has a base, but Carlos is landing GnP from top position.  Now he’s trying to set up an arm triangle!  He almost mounts, but Hermansson, gets half guard.  Hermansson is trying a heel hook now, but Carlos is looking to counter!.  Now a kneebar from the champ! Carlos survives to hear the bell!  Great round!

MMA Mad scores the round 10-9 Carlos

Round 3 – Hermansson seems to be fine as he pressures again.  Carlos still looking to counter.  He slaps at the champ with a right hand.  Hermansson is back to using his jab.  He’s doing a good job of cutting off the cage and putting Carlos on the cage.  Now Hermansson shoots, but ends up in the clinch on the fence.  He has a left underhook and is trying to land with the right hand.  He breaks briefly and lands a good combo that includes an uppercut.  No Carlos is free and throws a combo of his own.  Hermansson is unfazed, though, and goes back to pressuring while pumping his jab and setting up his combos.  Carlos is visibly tired now.  His hands are dropping some.  Hermansson is right in his face with the jab still.  Now he throws some hooks and uppercuts behind it. Hermansson is throwing a flurry of hooks now!  He lands a big shot and Carlos drops!  That’s it!  Hermansson retains his title!

Official Result – Jack Hermansson def. Alan Carlos via KO (punches) Round 3 4:45

Ashleigh Grimshaw vs. Paddy Pimblett

Round 1 – No love lost between these two as the bell rings to get us underway. Pimblett throwing out a jab but Grimshaw lands a nice overhand right which gets Pimblett’s attention. Pimblett throws a high kick and Grimshaw takes him down but straight away Pimblett is working for the arm of Grimshaw. Pimblett gets Grimshaw’s back and locks up the body triangle. Pimblett landing some strikes from Grimshaw’s back hoping to synch the arm under the neck of Grimshaw. Grimshaw esacapes the body triangle but Pimblett gets mount and is working elbows from top position. The bell sounds with Pimblett on top.

MMA Mad scores the first round 10-9 Pimblett.

Round 2 – A touch of gloves and we are under way again. Grimshaw throws an uppercut, Pimblett gets the takedown and again is in top position. Grimshaw working his legs up the back of Pimblett however Pimblett lands a nice elbow from the mount of Grimshaw. Pimblett’s top game is so impressive, smothering Grimshaw at every opportunity. Grimshaw has the arm of Pimblett but Pimblett looks relaxed as gets mount again. Pimblett again finishes the round on top.

MMA Mad scores the first round 10-9 Pimblett and 20-18 overall

Round 3 – Final round and by our scorecard Grimshaw needs to finish this fight to win. Pimblett with a lovely throw to begin round 3 and lands in half guard. Grimshaw gets back to his feet and lands nice elbows from the clinch, however Pimblett again with the takedown, relentless. Pimblett advances his position against the cage landing strikes at will now and thats the end of the round Pimblett should take this easy.

MMA Mad scores the first round 10-9 Pimblett and 30-27 overall

Official Result – Paddy Pimblett def. Ashleigh Grimshaw via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Scott Clist vs. Brad Wheeler

Round 1 – Clist with a nice one-two early but lands low with the kick and a timeout is called. Wheeler with a nice outside leg kick, and another. Wheeler catches the kick of Clist and gets the takedown to a huge pop from the crowd. Clist looking for a heelhook but it is not tight, Wheeler spins out and takes the back of Clist with ease. Wheeler looking to free his arms whilst locking in a body triangle but Clist is doing a good job at defending. Clist trying to turn into Wheeler to land on top, however Wheeler holds on. Clist does well to get back to the feet and lands a huge head kick and punch which drops Wheeler. The 10 second bell rings and Wheeler holds on to the bell.

MMA Mad scores the round to Clist (10-9)

Round 2 – Referee Marc Goddard stops the bout before the start of the second round and Clist gets the TKO win.

Official Result – Scott Clist def. Brad Wheeler via TKO (referee stoppage) at Round 1, 5:00

Chris Fishgold vs. Jordan Miller

Round 1 – Fishgold lands a huge over hand right hand into a takedown and lands straight into Miller’s half guard. Miller tries to get back to his feet but Fishgold locks in a guillotine and forces the quick tap.

Official Result – Chris Fishgold def. Jordan Miller via submission (guillotine) at Round 1, 1:04

James Hurrell vs. Darren Stewart

Round 1 – Stewart  with a massive takedown early and this is the beginning of the end, landing huge shots, Hurrell is in huge trouble, trying to scramble but to no avail, Stewart piles on the pressure and gets the TKO win in quick fashion.

Official Result – Darren Stewart def James Hurrell via TKO (punches) at Round 1, 0:37

Alfie Davis vs. Terry Doyle

Round 1 – No touch as we kick off this lightweight battle. Big crowd here for Davis as he opens up with a nice leg kick. Davis working his kicks but not much landing thus far. Slow start from both fighters but Davis lands a nice head kick with half the round to go. Davis lands a beautiful spinning kick, that was highlight reel stuff from the Londoner. Doyle needs to close the range and does so with a nice superman punch that lands flush. Davis lands some nice leg kicks to end the round.

MMA Mad scores the round 10-9 Davis.

Round 2 – Doyle starts round 2 with a nice jab, however he needs to stay out of Davis’ kickboxing range, something he didnt do very well in the first round. Doyle’s right arm is showing some bruising after blocking Davis’ kicks in the first round. Doyle lands a nice combination but gets caught on the way in and Davis swarms, lands a few shots on the ground and picks up the TKO win.

Official Result – Alfie Davis def. Terry Doyle via TKO (punches) at Round 2, 2:41

Pelu Adetola vs. Gyorgy Dolog

Round 1 – Adetola and Dolog touch gloves and Dolog knocks down Adetola straight away with a heavy shot. Adetola trying to recover but eats a huge knee and a huge kick as he gets back to the feet. Adetola is a bloody as he works against the fence trying to recover. Dolog jumps for a standing guillotine however Adetola works his way out calmly and back to the clinch. The referee recognises both fighters are stalling and back to the centre of the cage we go. Two heavy leg kicks landed by Adetola however the blood in his eye is clearly affecting him as he wipes to clear his vision. Huge right hand by Adetola who knocks down Dolog with one minute left in the round. Adetola on top now working heavy ground and pound from full guard, Dolog transitions beautifully into an arm-bar which looks tight however Adetola scrambles and ends back on top to finish the round. Close but exciting round.

MMA Mad score the round 10-9 Adetola

Round 2 – Adetola looking for a huge overhand right to begin the round, lands one nicely which forces Dolog to retreat to the cage and into the clinch. Both release and Dolog lands a nice body kick which makes Adetola smile. Adetola working on the lead leg of Dolog, landing low kick after low kick. Both fighters have slowed down considerably since the first. Both fighters trade single shots however Dolog is the aggressor walking forward as Adetola retreats. The 10 second bell sounds and both fighters start swinging but nothing of significance lands.

MMA Mad score the round 10-9 Dolog and 19-19 overall.

Round 3 – Adetola working his jab early but Dolog lands a nice trip into half guard. Working to pass, Adetola rolls onto his side, takes a few punches but is back to his feet and into the clinch. Adetola landing some nice knees as they break and back to the centre of the cage. Both fighters look fairly tired at this rate as Adetola looks for a single leg but Dolog defends well as Adetola works the clinch against the cage. Dolog lands a lovely flying knee and a looping overhand right misses but he follows up with a straight left that lands. As the 10 second bell goes, Adetola lands a takedown but time runs out. Good fight.

MMA Mad score the round 10-9 Dolog and 29-28 overall.

Official Result – Gyorgy Dolog def Pelu Adetola via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27 29-28)

Oliver Battell vs. Rob Scott

Round 1 – Here we go, Battell throws out a couple of jabs early, Scott replies with a heavy leg kick. Battell lands a huge right hand which knocks down Scott, some furious ground and pound later and Marc Goddard stops the bout. Impressive.

Official Result – Oliver Battell def. Rob Scott via TKO (punches) at Round 1, 0:37

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