Road to CES MMA 35 || Rico DiSciullo Pro Blog Part 4

Written by Rico DiSciullo – Photo by Will Paul

Fight Week is finally here and it’s just a few days until the cage door locks and I’m back in action against Jake Constant at CES MMA 35 on Saturday night at North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, Mass.

I’ve always done my best to be in as good of shape as I can be, whether or not I’ve got a fight on the calendar. That makes my life a lot easier around this time, when I have minimal weight to cut and more energy than a lot of guys in my situation.

It’s not always easy to eat healthy and be training constantly, but it’s definitely worth it when Fight Week — and Fight Day — finally roll around.

I’m feeling better than ever before and have had the best camp of my career. I’ve got an amazing team behind me, and everyone has been working really hard to give me an extra push — though I’ve been pushing myself so hard, the last thing I need is an additional motivation.

Last week proved that, no matter how ready you are, this game can throw you curveballs, as I got my second replacement opponent for Saturday night. Randy McCullough, like Brandon Seyler before him, is injured and can’t fight. Enter Jake Constant, who I fought before. I’ve got a lot of respect for Jake and look forward to squaring off with him again.

A late opponent switch could throw off a fighter, but I’m just so prepared to fight that it doesn’t matter. You can put me in there against any bantamweight in the world and I’m coming out with my hand raised. Thank you for joining me on my journey to CES MMA 35. I appreciate all the support I get, and will see you on the other side!

Thank you for tuning in to the Rico DiSciullo Pro Blog each week. Make sure you catch the fight this Saturday, April 16th.

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