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Road to CES MMA 35 || Rico DiSciullo Pro Blog Part 3

Written by Rico DiSciullo – Photo by Will Paul

There’s a little more than a week to go before I step back in the cage and I couldn’t be more excited.

There’s a fine line between being excited and nervous. When I began competing in MMA, I’d get over excited. I remember being backstage for my first amateur tittle fight hearing my fans chanting my name and I almost had a complete adrenaline dump before I even started walking out to the cage.

That was then and this is now. After almost 20 MMA fights under my belt I’m much more comfortable. I’m not going to let anything throw me off. Don’t get me wrong, I still get nervous before fights, but I have learned to stay much more composed. I believe being nervous before fights is a good thing because it keeps you sharp and focused on the task at hand.

Like I said getting a little nervous is OK . I know I’ve put in the work and I’m 100% confident in my abilities and my team behind me. Now it’s time to just have fun and do what it do every day. A big thing for me is to remind myself why I do this in the first place. I do this because I love it. Reminding myself to have fun will help me to fight loose and relaxed. If I can fight like I do every day in the gym then the fight will be much easier work. If I’m emotional and trying to force things, then it’s going to be a harder night.

When the cage door finally locks, that’s the time I get the opportunity to prove I’m one of the best and that I’m improving every day, that the sacrifices I make and the sacrifices from the people around me are paying off.

In my blog last week, I wrote a lot about my support system — at the gym and at home. I can’t thank them enough for what they do for me, but I do get an opportunity to show my gratitude when the bell rings.

I know my family, friends and training partners take a lot of pride in how I perform in the cage, and it’s so exciting when I get that opportunity to give them something to smile about.

To all my supporters, again, thank you, and I hope to see you all April 16 under the bright lights at the North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly.

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