BAMMA 25’s Cameron Else doesn’t see a major threat in Ed Arthur

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There is quite a bit of bad blood between Cameron Else and Ed Arthur, but Else seems unconcerned with Arthur’s ability to defeat him.

The former British paratrooper made this very clear while speaking with MMA Mad’s Nick Rizner on Wednesday’s episode of the MMA Mad Podcast, even going as far to say that Arthur, the former BAMMA bantamweight titleholder, doesn’t even pose much of a threat to him.

Else (3-2-0), who is scheduled to face Arthur (6-1-0) on May 14th during BAMMA 25 in Birmingham, England, stated “…the way I look at it when I look at Ed’s record I don’t see a major threat.”  He would go on to explain himself further by adding “…when I look at Ed’s style I think ‘Is he knocking people out? Does he have a lot of knockouts on his record?’ No he hasn’t. ‘Is he tapping people out really?’ Fair play, he’s tapped out a couple of people, but they’re not people that I personally would have any problem with on the mat.”

The Jackson-Winklejohn trained fighter did actually compliment his opponent’s heart, but feels that heart won’t be enough to save him from what he sees as inevitable.

“He’s got a big heart and clearly we don’t like each other, that’s obvious, I don’t like him and he don’t like me, but let me tell ya something, his heart ain’t going to get him out of a choke. When I’m hanging off of his neck, that ain’t going to get you through it. You’re going to need more than heart to get free, you’re going to need skill, and I don’t think he matches me for skill on the mat, on the floor.”

The beef between the two stems from an incident where Arthur spoke poorly about Else on Twitter, but failed to make sure Else was made aware of the words.  This still sits badly with Else, who likens Arthur’s actions to someone speaking behind his back.  The Englishman said that he offered to fight Arthur after the occurrence, but received only more trash talk in reply.  This does not go over well with Else, who feels Arthur has overstepped what he is capable of backing up in the cage.

“He just got too big for his boots. So any opportunity I get, if someone’s going to mention Ed Arthur around me, well then I’m going to tell people exactly what I think about him. I’ll say it to them, and I’ll say it to his face, so then and there, and I said it back then and it was a long time ago, I said “Your days are numbered.”

Else goes on to accuse Arthur of being a bully, but states that he won’t be affected negatively by words and will see the matter through until it is finished.

“I’ve heard it all from him. He said he’s going to break me within two rounds, I don’t know how he plans on that because he’ll be done in one round…I hold a grudge until it’s dealt with. We’re men at the end of the day, and in my world, in both of our worlds, we get in the cage and we fight. That’s what we’re going to do. Until that moment is done and dealt with, we won’t be able to go our different ways. Come May 14th, that will be settled.”

After addressing whether or not the feud will be a distraction or simply more motivation,  Else ended the discussion on Arthur in an exceedingly straightforward manner.

“At the end of the day, beef’s beef. Two guys can keep talking shit all you like, you’re getting in there and we’re going to fight. That’s it. He’s not going to hit me any harder because I called him a mug. I hope not. The way I look at it, I’m still going to hit him as hard as I would hit anyone, but I will just get a bit more pleasure out of this one.”

While on the show, Else also discussed if he experienced any difficulties training and cutting weight far from the UK, what his relationship with Jackson-Winklejohn teammate Tom Duquesnoy is like, what he will do if he defeats Arthur and is offered a title shot at bantamweight, and how he handles distractions and stays focused before stepping inside the cage.

The full interview can be listened to below and begins at the 23 minute mark:

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