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UFC 196 Results || Nate Diaz shocks Conor McGregor with 2nd Round submission

Las Vegas, NV:  Nate Diaz backed up all of his trash talk and picked up the most significant victory of his long career by defeating the brash Conor McGregor in the 2nd round of their highly anticipated battle.

UFC 196: McGregor vs. Diaz was held on Saturday March 5, 2016 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the main event, UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor squared off against Nate Diaz in a welterweight contest.

Round 1: Here we go…Conor comes out in a karate stance and throws first.  he lands a punch and tries a spinning kick, but Diaz caught him in a clinch.  McGregor broke away and went back to striking.  They’re back in the center exchanging.  Conor is throwing looping shots so far.  Diaz is actually backing up for a change.  he’s using a good jab and starting to get Conor’s timing down.  Conor missed another spinning kick and then an uppercut.  Nate is using a 1-2 now.  Conor landed a good shot over Nate’s jab.  Nate is bleeding from the corner of his right eye now.  Lots of oblique kicks from McGregor.  Nate has eaten a lot of hard left hands.  Nate catches a kick and takes Conor down, but McGregor scrambles and ends up on top.  Nate is in guard, but Conor tries to stand up and pass it.  Diaz was looking for a leg, but the bell sounds.

Round 2:  Conor spins again, but misses again.  One more time.  Same result.  Nice body shots, though.  Nate is close to the cage and being cut off.  Conor lands a hard left.  he gets too close shortly after though, and gets caught in a clinch.  He breaks it fast.  Nate is bleeding badly again.  Conor is winning the boxing battle.  Nate seems to be getting fired up, though.  Theres the stockton Slap.  Nate throwing his jab more, now.  Conor gets him with an uppercut and a combo.  nate has Conor hurt!  He’s backing him up with shots now.  Anopther slap!  Conor is eating shots!  Nate has him in a clinch and is doing work with dirty boxing!  Conor fires back!  They’re going at it!  Conor gets a takedown, but Diaz gets a guillotine and sweeps!  He takes Conor’s back and sinks in a rear naked choke!  Conor taps!  Diaz just submitted Conor McGregor!

Official Result: Nate Diaz def. Conor McGregor via submission (rear naked choke) Round 2 4:12

Nate Diaz just secured the biggest win of his career and moves to 20-10.  McGregor suffered his first loss in the Octagon and falls to 19-3.


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