UFC 196 Results || Miesha Tate chokes out Holly Holm in the fifth round, becomes the new UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion

UFC 196: McGregor vs. Diaz was held on Saturday March 5, 2016 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As a co-main event feature, UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm defends her bantamweight title against Miesha Tate.

Round 1 : Holm is finding her distance and avoiding tentative kicks from Tate. Miesha circles away and looks to threaten with a potential knee. One minute in and Holm is still pressuring much without much landing. Holm lands a side kick and continues the pressure. Tate shoots for a takedown and while Holm is defending, her opponent lands a nice right hand. Both women reset in the center of the cage with three minutes to go. Holm thrusts forward and pushes Tate away, landing a hard left jab briefly afterwards. Tate throws a couple of jabs which miss, and backs away before eating any counters. Tate wiffs a body kick and backs away once again. Holm is defending well, and looking for opportunities to push forward but hasn’t utilized combinations yet. At the thirty second mark Tate blocks a headkick from Holm and looks for a kick of her own. As the first round winds down, Holm lands an effective thigh kick.

Round 2 : Tate opens up with an aggressive flurry but fails to land. Holm counters with a left to the body and quickly darts out. Tate shoots for a takedown at the 4:30 mark and lands in side control. Holm is on the defensive but Tate lands a few elbows from half-guard. Tate lands another heavy elbow as Holm is struggling to regain full-guard. Tate continues to land shots from half guard, including elbows to the body and head. Tate uses her right arm to control the escape attempts of Holm and continues to land elbows. Just under two minutes remaining and Tate secures back control, looking for the hooks and a possible choke. Tate locks in the left hook but Holm is fighting back as hard as she can. Holm gets out of the choke with fourteen seconds left and the second round ends with Tate still controlling the back.

Round 3 : Tate tries to connect with a quick left hook, but Holm manages to dodge away. Holm leans forward and throws a right hand, left high kick combination. Holm misses with another right hand and looks to pressure Tate, moving forwards. Holm lands a fairly light head kick but Tate evades and looks to land a kick of her own. With three minutes to go in the third, Holm tries to get Tate against the cage with forward strikes, but Tate is circling away and threatens with a semi-takedown attempt. Holm throws a couple of left hands and a body kick, but they are not landing flush on Tate. Tate adjusts her posture, possibly threatening with more takedown attempts. Holm lands an oblique kick to her opponent however, and circles back. Tate misses on a right cross and Holm returns fire with a body kick. Tate goes for a takedown at the twenty second mark, but Holm easily avoids as the round comes to a close.

Round 4 : Tate connects with a left and looks more aggressive coming into the fourth. Holm throws another oblique kick but misses, and quickly backs away. However, Holm lands a quick combination and takes control of the center. Tate goes for a single-leg, but cannot follow through and Holm defends by initiating a clinch against the cage. Holm is throwing knees in the clinch before pushing her opponent away. Another left hand lands for Holm, but Tate is still circling and looking fresh. Holm opens with a front kick but misses and the fight resumes in the center. Holm misses a right hook but connects with a followup leg kick. With two minutes remaining, Tate is not landing much and seems to be hunting for a takedown opportunity. Shortly thereafter Tate shoots for a takedown but is stuffed and Holm punishes with a few counter shots before pushing away. Holm snaps a few right jabs and circles away, clearly aware of Tate’s gameplan at this point. Holm lands a front kick to the face of Tate and follows up with a left/right combination. Strong round for the champion.

Round 5 : With the final round beginning, Tate jolts forward and throws a few left jabs. Holm answers with an oblique kick, eats a body kick but is quick to reply with a combination. Tate is once again denied a takedown at the four minute mark and starts to move backwards. Tate goes for a clinch as the women get close to the cage, and manages to briefly secure a hold. However, Holm turns the position around and once again manages to reset in the center. Tate lands a nice body kick and looks for another takedown, but Holm denies the attempt and lands a jab for the effort. With two minutes to go, Tate goes for another quick takedown and grabs the back of Holm. Holm tries to stand up, but Tate has the hooks in and is squeezing hard. Holm tries to roll out and escape, but it only locks the choke in deeper and the ref is forced to call the fight as Holm loses consciousness.

With the win, Miesha Tate is the new women’s bantamweight UFC champion and advances to 18-5. Holly Holm suffers her first professional MMA loss and falls to 10-1.




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