Road To CES XXXIII || Greg Rebello Pro Blog Part 4

Written by Greg Rebello – Photo by Ian Barnard

A lot of my lighter teammates are preparing for fights, or just competed, and they remind me all the time about the biggest turning point in my career.

Everything changed when I decided to fight as a heavyweight.

I’ve had a lot of fun competing as a light-heavyweight and even twice made it all the way down to middleweight — despite the better judgement of my coaches — but heavyweight is definitely the best fit for me.

That’s always clearest when a fight is just a handful of days away, like my match against Keith Bell at CES MMA 33 on March 11 at Twin River Casino, live on AXS TV.

I always eat clean when I’m preparing for a fight. But as a heavyweight, I don’t have to be nearly as economical with my calories. If I was cutting down to 205 pounds right now, I’d be hungry and miserable. Instead, I couldn’t be happier and more ready to throw down.

But the best part, obviously, is how I feel on Fight Night.

Because I don’t have to cut any weight, I’m never drawn out or tired in the cage. And because I didn’t spend eight weeks trying to squeeze myself into a lower weight class, all my efforts in the gym go towards skill development.

Since making my home at heavyweight, my skills across the board have improved dramatically. It’s a night-and-day difference in my game.

Skill development, obviously, is important in any weight class. But I think even more so as a heavyweight, where a tenth of a second and a tenth of an inch can mean the difference between getting the knockout or taking a big shot yourself.

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