UFC Fight Night 84 Results || Tom Breese earns unanimous decision over Keita Nakamura

London, England: Nakamura was a game opponent, but Tom Breese protected his undefeated record and walked away with a unanimous decision victory.

UFC Fight Night 84 takes place on February 27, 2016 at the o2 Arena in London, England. Tom Breese vs. Keita Nakamura took place on the main card which aired on UFC Fight Pass.

 Round 1:

They start off circling, looking for an advantage early.  Breese was pressing forward, but only slightly.  Nakamura has a very strange stance.  They clinch up, and Nakamura landsw a slick takedown and moves into mount.  He couldn’t hold it, though, and Breese was back on his feet after a break up from the ref.  Breese looks gigantic next to Nakamura. They clinched again for a moment after an exchange, and then Breese went back to moving forward methodically.  Neither threw a lot, but each landed some decent blows when they did.

MMA Mad scores the round 10-9 Nakamura

Round 2:

Breese comes out more aggressive to start the 2nd round.  He lands some knees before going to a clinch, but Nakamura gets another trip and once again moves to mount!  Breese goes for a heelhook, though, and eventually reverses position and settles into half-guard.  He pushed down on the knee in an attempt at mounting, but Nakamura fended him off.  Breese increased strike output, though, and started landing good elbows right before the final minute of the stanza.  He overextended, though, and Nakamura latched on an omaplata attempt!  He used the hold to drive Breese’s face into the mat and eventually take side control.  The bell sounded with Nakamura on top.

MMA Mad scores the round 10-9 Breese

Round 3: 

Neither men took many risks to start the 3rd.  Breese pushed forward more, but only prodded with some jabs.  Nakamura didn’t do much at all until he shot in for a takedown and forced Breese back to the cage.   He was able to once again trip Breese, but the Brit immediately went for another leg lock.  Nakamura defended well and end up on top in half-guard.  Breese was able to cause a scramble before absorbing any damage and locked on a reverse triangle!  He tried to crank the choke and land shots to the body and trapped head of his opponent until the end of the round!

MMA Mad scores the round 10-9 Breese

Official Decision: Tom Breese def. Keita Nakamura via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Breese remains undefeated and moves to 10-0 with the decision.  Nakamura is now 31-7-2.

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