UFC Fight Night 84 Results || Bisping survives against Silva, wins biggest fight in career

London, England: Michael Bisping had to hold on late, but he did enough work in the main event against Anderson Silva earn a unanimous decision and the biggest achievement of his long career.

UFC Fight Night 84 takes place on February 27, 2016 at the o2 Arena in London, England. Anderson Silva vs. Michael Bisping took place on the main card which aired on UFC Fight Pass.

Round 1:

Silva is happy to allow Bisping to take the center and be the one pushing forward.  As per usual in his fights, Anderson doesn’t strike much in the opening minute or so of a fightl.  Bisping didn’t throw much either, though.  He did land a glancing blow, but nothing more than that.  Silva started to get more comfortable and started to feint a lot and increase his tempo.  Bisping was able to land some decent strikes during this display, though.  Silva still hasn’t thrown anything at full steam.  Bisping is using kickes from the outside to set up his punches.  Now its Silva who is moving forward and he’s starting to open up.  he missed with hard hooks, but landed some low kicks.  Bisping kept his composure during Silva’s mini-blitz and worked his way back to the center.  Bisping began throwing strikes, but Anderson started slipping them as he went backwards.  Bisping finally caught him with some punches, though in an entertainign furry before the bell.

MMA Mad scores the round 10-9 Bisping

Round 2:

Bisping took the center again, but was much more aggressive this time.  he found his range alongside the cage for a moment, but Silva tried some mind games.  He stood against the fence, dropped his hands and slipped some punches before daring Bisping to attempt more.  Bisping backed out and taunted Silva from the center.  Bisping became the busier fighter in the next few moments, but was having trouble landing.  Silva kept trying to bait him in with traditional martial arts stances and misdirection.  Silva was throwing very little, though, and was being out landed by Bisping.  Bisping landed a hard combo with around 30 seconds left in the round that sent Silva stumbling to the mat! The Brit jumps on top and starts throwing punches!  He’s trying to finish it!  Silva survives to hear the bell!

MMA Mad scores the round 10-9 Bisping

Round 3:

Silva wasn’t as eager to simply back up for Bisping at the beginning of the 3rd like he had been earlier in the fight.  Bisping was persistent, though, and back Silva up regardless.  He dodged some shots and went back to the center.  Bisping was controlling the initiative by getting off first with a jab and low kicks.  Silva was trying to catch Bisping coming in, but the Brit was attacking quickly and moving his head well enough to dodge the counters.  Both started trying to confuse the other with fast hand movement, but Bisping continued to be the more active and getting hit less.  Silva began pressuring, but still couldn’t land.  Bisping however, lost his mouth piece, giving Silva the chance to land hard shots.  As Bisping complained about his mouth piece, Silva launched a flying knee that landed right at the bell. Bisping crumpled but was saved by the bell!

MMA Mad scores the round 10-9 Silva

Round 4: 

Bisping is bleeding badly from the final blow of the 3rd round.  he seemed tentative at first, but opened up after backing Silva to the cage.  Silva landed a low blow, however, and forced a pause in the action.  Bisping recovered quickly and went back to work on Silva along the cage.  he was throwing lots of flurries with his hands and avoiding anything coming back from Silva.  He was matching Silva’s hand speed.  Michael just kept peppering the former champ with quick shots.  Unfortunately, Bisping accidentally poked Silva in the eye and forced another pause in the fight.  Bisping stayed the strategy of backing Silva up and boxing.  Silva finally came off the cage and pressured Bisping back.  he was trying to catch Bisping with something crazy.  He hit Bisping with a hard left hand and a superman punch at the bell, but the fight continues.

MMA Mad scores the round 10-9 Bisping

Round 5:

A slight amount of blood was coming from the left eye of Silva as the final round started.  Bisping was still bleeding as badly as before.  Anderson tried a high kick, but it was Bisping who landed the better shots in the opening seconds of the round.  Silva was trying for the knockout with every strike, though, so Bisping was still in  danger.  Herb Dean paused the action so the doctor cold check on Bisping’s cut.  He gives it the okay, and we continue.  Bisping again forces Silva back,, but Silva lands a huge front kcik to Bisping’s face!  Bisping is hurt and backs up!  Anderson is going in for the kill!.  Bisping is wobbly, but fighting bac!  he seems to have survivved!  That was an extremely close call for the Brit! Silva isn’t as aggressive now, but is clearly looking to land the fight ending shot.  Bisping tries to score a takedown late, but Silva defends it!  Bisping pushes Silva back.  Only 40 seconds left.  Silva punches his way back to the center and tries a spinning elbow.  Bisping is fighting cautiously now and he makes it to the final bell!

MMA Mad scores the round 10-9 Silva

Official Decision: Michael Bisping def. Anderson Silva via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

Bisping moves to 28-7 after securing the biggest win of his career.  Silva has now lost 3 out of 4 and is now 33-7.

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