UFC Fight Night 84 Results || Brad Pickett emerges victorious from tough battle with Rivera

London, England: Brad Pickett and Francisco Rivera engaged in a thrilling battle in the opening bout of the main card that saw Rivera hurt Pickett more than once, but the British veteran was able to walk away with a tough fought split decision victory.

UFC Fight Night 84 takes place on February 27, 2016 at the o2 Arena in London, England. Francisco Rivera vs. Brad Pickett took place on the main card which aired on UFC Fight Pass.

Round 1:

Pickett was ready to throw from the start and got in some nice punches and kickes.  Rivera is being the more measured fighter and trying to catch some counter opportunities.  Still standing at the 2:30 mark.  Pickett is moving forward and only punching.  Only a few kicks.  jRivera is using his legs though, and landed a good kick before landing a punch that put Pickett down for a brief second.  Rivera is starting to land combos and take control of the Boxing game.  He had Pickett wobbled again and won some exchanges.  Pickett Was getting pegged with hard hooks, but he fought back.  Both were throwing bombs with only seconds left.  Great opening round!

MMA Mad scores Round 1 10-9 Rivera

Round 2:

Lots of kicks in the opening minute of Round 2 with one heavy exchange with hands.  Both fighters opened up with there punches before Pickettsecured a takedown.  He worked for half-gurard, but was pushed off by Rivera.  After getting back to his feet, Rivera started moving forward, backing Pickett up, pumping a few jabs, and looking for counters.  Pickett kicked from the outside and looked for ways to get inside and land combos with his hands.  He got a little too eager, though , and landed a low blow late in the round.  After Rivera recovered, they both returned to swinging until the bell sounded!

MMA Mad scores Round 1 10-9 Rivera

Round 3:

Pickett contolled the center of the cage during the opening seconds of the final round before deciding to shoot in for a takedown attempt.   Rivera tried to secure a guillotine on the way to the mat, but Pickett moved to side control in the transition and escaped danger.   The Brit moved into half-guard, but stalled, forcing the ref to stand them up.  Each had tired a bit by now, so there wasn’t much pop in the punches, but they were both still throwing and landing.  Pickett again shot in, though, and scored with a nice double-leg slam.  He moved into side control and held the position until the fight ended.

MMA Mad scores Round 1 10-9 Pickett 

Official Decision: Brad Pickett def. Franciso Rivera via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)



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