Prominant Irish media member calls Conor McGregor ‘A Sellout’

His rise to prominence has been exponential. Cage Warriors champion to UFC champion in just three years seems like an unlikely feat, however for Conor McGregor that became a reality.

His performances have been eye catching, however his trash talk may have earned the ‘Notorious’ one the paycheck that he demands to this day. From calling Dustin Poirier a ‘Hillbilly’ to calling Dennis Siver a ‘Nazi’, McGregor has made his fair share of ugly remarks.

One journalist from Ireland has now taken exception to these comments. J.P. O’Malley wrote the following this morning for the¬† :

“Indeed, what’s most galling about McGregor’s arrogant persona, which lacks any sense of humility, is the way he’s attempting to market what appears to be a natural inclination towards stupidity as national pride – especially his parading of the tricolour as a badge of honour, draped around his shoulders after each fight.

“The paddywhackery “Oirish” card McGregor constantly plays – to enhance his image in United States – is as embarrassing as it is ridiculous. One American journalist even claimed that McGregor was carrying ‘the nation of Ireland around on his back’.

“McGregor agreed, adding that he was so proud to see Irish fans dancing around Las Vegas like ‘fucking leprechauns’. Never one to shy away from cliches and bland stereotypes in public, McGregor has also labelled the Irish – to millions of viewers around the world – as a nation of people who ‘are lovers of combat’.

“It’s hard to figure out if McGregor has the even the most basic intellectual faculties required to think before he speaks, given just how outrageous some of his comments have been.”

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