UFC Fight Night Results || Alex White takes easy decision from Artem Lobov

Las Vegas, Nevada: Alex White had a relatively easy night of work in Las Vegas, as he landed and evaded at will against Artem Lobov.

UFC Fight Night 82 was held on February 6, 2016, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Artem Lobov vs. Alex White took place on the preliminary card that aired on UFC Fight Pass

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Round 1:

Lobov immediately took the center of the cage and pushed White close to the cage as he circled.  Lobov is already trying to counter, even though he is the one putting on so much pressure.  White has already used a lot of different kicks. Lots of push-kicks to the knee.  He threw a good knee to the body, but Lobov caught him with a good left counter.  Lobov landed a good right hand and followed with a kick that seemed to miss.  White pushes forward with some straight punches that landed hard and pushed Lobov back.  Artem was able to get a clinch and turn White into the fence after eating the combo, though.  He couldn’t get anything done from the position and disengaged.  White is darting in and out making Lobov miss his counters.  He landed a hard punch that Lobov definitely felt and ended up with a takedown.  Lobov was using butterfly guard and was able to stand just before the round ended.

MMA Mad scores Round 1 10-9 for Alex White. 

Round 2:

Artem took the center again, but he wasn’t as aggressive with the pressure this time.  He was probably a bit more wary of White’s strikes.  White started throwing some punches to the body in between his kicks.  Lobov was just a little too far outside to counter any of them.  White landed a good elbow, but also ate a right hand.  Lovov is standing straight up and seems to be slowing down ever so slightly.  White keeps using the jab to the body to try and set up more shots.  Lobov was cut around the left eye now.  Lobov is throwing hard hooks, but having a ton of issues actually landing.  White scored another takedown around the 1 minute mark, but couldn’t hold Artem down long.  Lobov was doing all he could to land that one big blow, but he couldn’t get it done.

MMA Mad scores Round 2 10-9 for Alex White.

Round 3:

White still looked fresh while circling around Lobov.  He was having an easy time of landing his combos and then making Artem hit nothing but air.  White secured another takedown and moved to side control.  Lobov nearly gave up his back, but made it to his base.  White grabbed a leg, though, and forced the Russian against the fence.  He transitioned to a front headlock and then tried a cradle for a moment, but Lobov stood up and broke the clinch.  Artem stratred moving forward with both hands completely down.  He was wining punches every time he got in range, but simply could not land much.  Lobov was breathing very heavy as Wite peppered him with shots as he came in.  White scored yet another takedown with only a few seconds left in the fight and held it on the mat until the bell sounded.

MMA Mad scores Round 3 10-9 for Alex White. 

Official Result: Alex White def. Artem Lobov via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Alex White improved his record to 11-2 and knocked Lobov to a .500 record of 12-12.


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