UFC Newark Results || UFC on Fox 18 Main Card Play-by-Play

Newark, New Jersey:  UFC on Fox 18 was held on January 30, 2016 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Anthony Johnson vs. Ryan Bader served as the main event and aired on FOX.

Check out the full results from UFC on Fox 18 here.

Sage Northcutt vs. Bryan Barberena

Round 1:

Damn this kid is explosive. Sage Northcutt throws a hook kick with the speed of a jab and it just barely misses. When he throws combo, they land furiously and with precision. Barberena looks outclassed from the jump. We’re finally seeing some of Sage’s grappling, as he continues to look for the clinch. Strange considering his dominance in the stand-up.

Great counter from Barberena to finish the round, but too little too late. Sage wins the first with ease. Still, we got to see more of a back-and-forth brawl towards the end and I’m excited to see what the rest of this fight brings.

MMA Mad scores the first round 10-9 Northcutt.

Round 2:

A capoeira kick from Sage leads to a takedown by Barberena. Sage is taking a lot of damage in these ground-and-pound exchanges. Sage is opened up.

Wait what? That was a bizarre ending. Sage just tapped to an arm triangle… on the wrong side… from half guard. I don’t understand how there was enough pressure to cause the tap in that situation, but somehow he ended it.

Official Result: Bryan Barberena def. Sage Northcutt via submission (arm-triangle choke) Rd.2, 3:06

Iuri Alcantara vs. Jimmie Rivera

Round 1:

Rivera looked to use angles to get past Alcantara’s offense early, but Iuri seems to be the faster guy in there.  He’s doing a good job staying on the outside where Jimmie can’t touch him.  Rivera has him backed up right now, though, and landed a few good shots.  He let it get back to the center, though…Good right hand over the top from Rivera.

Alcantara is really waiting a lot for Rivera to come to him.  That could backfire if it goes to the cards.  Rivera looks like he can’t wait to throw, but is having trouble getting close enough because he doesn’t want to eat a counter.  He’s getting the best of the exchanges, though.

Eye poke…Ok, that didn’t take long.

Good counters from Iuri, but Rivera gets a big takedown at the end of the round.

MMA Mad scores the first round 10-9 Rivera 

Round 2:

2nd starts like the 1st.  Alcanatara is staying on the outside, but Rivera wants to cut the distance.  Alcanatara is backed up agsinat the cage.  He lands a good knee, but got hit with a very good counter that probably would’ve knocked a normal man out cold.  He survived and made it back to the center, but Rivera is still trying to pressure.  Kicks to the leg from Jimmie.

Rivera has Iuri iin the clinch against the cage right now.  He’s landing some short shots.  Ref breaks it up at 1:30 remaining in the round.  Iuri finally comes forward, but almost gets taken down.  He stuffed it and advanced again.

Alcantara knocks Rivera down with a straight shot!  Rivera pops right back up and lands a takedown.

30 secs left in the 2nd round.  Jimmie spins behind Iuri’s hips.  They stand right before the end of the round.

MMA Mad scores the second round 10-9 Rivera

Round 3:

Ok, starting the 3rd now.  Rivera still the one moving forward.  Man, he really wings those punches.  He’s definitely looking to get out of the cage early.  Alcantara has a pretty damn good chin because he’s taken some good shots tonight.  Nice body kick from Iuri.

Rivera grabs a leg, gets a trip, and plants a good shot on Alcantara on the way down.  Didn’t keep hiim there, but he scored with the sequence.  Iuri just misses taking Jimmie’s head clean off his shoulders with a high kick…More kicks from Alcantara.  2 minutes left.

Good exchange that Rivera landed hardest in.  Kick to the leg into a spinning backfist.  Rivera takes another fall after eating a straight punch.  He’s back up, but that could lose him the round.  Rivera presses for a takedown,  and then let’s it go and starts swinging until the bell rings.  Judges decision coming up.

MMA Mad Scores the third round 10-9 Alcantara

Official Result: Jimmie Rivera def. Iuri Alcantara via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Josh Barnett vs Ben Rothwell

Round 1:

The mutual respect is very apparent. The speed is more reminiscent of a middleweight matchup than a heavyweight bout. First, it’s Barnett connecting with combos. Then Rothwell comes back with an unorthodox combo of his own. This was a very close round and it could honestly go either way. But you can see either guy winning the fight at this point.

MMA Mad scores the first round 10-9 Josh Barnett

Round 2:

Both guys giving each other tons of respect. Barnett goes for the takedown and Rothwell defends well. Rothwell is looking for a choke here. And there it is! Ben Rothwell locks in the guillotine choke and earns the submission victory in two. Unbelievable statement for a title shot. Barnett gets submitted for the first time in his career. Wow.

Official Result: Ben Rothwell def. Josh Barnett via submission (guillotine choke) Rd.2, 3:48

Anthony Johnson vs. Ryan Bader

Round 1:

And it begins…Bader shoots in only seconds after the bell, but Rumble stuffed and spun to his back.  Bader is looking for a Kimura.  He’s holding onto that thing for dear life.  Rumble is starting to mount him now.  Bader let go of the arm and is about to take some serious punishment.  Rumble is pounding away!  Bader goes limp and the referee stops the fight!  Rumble is a monster, folks!!!

Official Result: Anthony Johnson def. Ryan Bader via TKO (punches) Round 1, 1:26

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