UFC Newark Results ||Wilson Reis outperforms Dustin Ortiz en route to decision victory

Newark, New Jersey: Wilson Reis controlled every aspect of his battle with Dustin Ortiz and picked up a well-earned unanimous decision.

UFC on Fox 18 was held on January 30, 2016 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Dustin Ortiz vs. Wilson Reis took place on the preliminary card which aired on Fox Sports 1.

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Round 1:

The action starts at a pretty high pace as both men jockeyed for control of the center of the Octagon.  It was Reis who eventually seemed to start backing Ortiz up a tad, landing some good punches in the process.  Ortiz ducked under a combo and went for a takedown, but couldn’t pull it off.  Both fighters were throwing a decent amount of shots, but it seemed like Reis was getting the better of the exchanges.  The Brazilian eventually forced Ortiz to the cage and tripped him down to the mat, but only briefly.  He was able to land another solid hook on the transition back to the center, though.  Reis was pawing with his jab and then countering with hooks after baiting Ortiz to throw.  Ortiz shot for a takedown in the final seconds, but Reis defended and landed a takedown of his own just as the bell sounded.

Round 2:

Reis landed a hard left hook less than 10 seconds into the 2nd stanza and then defended another shot from Ortiz.  Dustin was having trouble getting effective offense off, while Reis seemingly had control of every aspect of the fight.  Wilson constantly caught Ortiz with sharp counter hooks when Ortiz tried to come to the inside.  Reis scored another takedown, but Oritz immediately stood right back up.  He couldn’t prevent Reis from getting deep on a double leg, but did manage to stay on his feet against the cage and then break the position.  Reis blasted in with another shot, though, and took Ortiz’s back in the transition to the canvas.  He put in hooks with less than a minute left in the round and looked for an opening.  He went for an armbar with 10 seconds left, but Ortiz held on and made it to the bell.

Round 3:

Reis went back to pawing with the jab in an attempt to lure Ortiz into an exchange on the feet, but switched to a grappling attack shortly thereafter.  He took Ortiz down and once again moved to his back.  Ortiz showed good defense this time and made it back to his feet around the 3:30 mark.  Reis landed some more punches before moving Ortiz back to the cage and securing yet another takedown.  He was having trouble holding Ortiz on the mat, but was certainly controlling the action and the round.  Ortiz switched the position for a brief second, but Reis defended and turned for a double leg.  Ortiz gave up his back, again, and allowed Reis to flatten him out and land several shots to the head.  Ortiz survived the attack, but couldn’t go back on the offensive before the fight ended.

Official Result: Wilson Reis def. Dustin Ortiz via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Reis picked up his 20th victory of his career and moves to 20-6 overall.  Ortiz is now 15-5.

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