UFC Newark Results || Randy Brown defeats Matt Dwyer by unanimous decision

Newark, New Jersey: Randy Brown showed signs of the UFC jitters in his debut, but did enough to earn a unanimous decision victory over Matt Dwyer.

UFC on Fox 18 was held on January 30, 2016 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.  Matt Dwyer vs. Randy Brown took place on the preliminary card which aired on UFC Fight Pass.

Check out the full results from UFC on Fox 18 here.

Round 1:

Both men were looking for their range early, but Dwyer landed some decent leg kicks from the outside before attempting to go high with one. Brown wasn’t throwing much and looked a little stiff in the opening moments.  Dwyer put a nice overhand right over Brown’s defense around the 3 minute mark that scored well.  He was using the jab to find his range and then letting loose with hard right hands.  Brown still seemed to be a little off with his game.  He did press Dwyer to the fence for a moment and threw some kicks, but nothing landed.  Dwyer danced away with ease.

Round 2:

Dwyer found success with leg kicks early in the 2nd and then went into the clinch.  Brown reversed, but couldn’t do anything with the position before the ref broke it up.  Dwyer landed another good leg kick and then retreated away from Brown as he surged forward.  Brown landed a decent straight shot and then found himself clinched again.  Dwyer had a Muay Thai clinch and landed some knees, but Brown landed some strikes of his own, as well.  Brown then landed a very nice throw and went straight into a D’arce choke attempt.  Dwyer fought out of it, though, and returned to his feet.  He dropped for a double leg and eventually got it.  Brown was up fast, though, and landed some hard elbows while defending another takedown.  The round ended with Dwyer still working for the takedown.

Round 3:

Both men pumped a job to start the 3rd round, but Brown got the better of the exchange and seemed to have Dwyer in trouble.  Dwyer got a takedown, though, and took Brown’s back for a moment.  The newcomer reversed position and placed in two hooks on a standing Dwyer.  Brown had to release the position and go back to the center of the cage.  Dwyer was bleeding from under his eyes by now.  Dwyer went for a takedown, but was unsuccessful and ended up with his back on the cage.  The action was halted for  moment because of a knee that went low from Brown, but Dwyer was ready to go soon thereafter.  Back at the center, Brown landed two very hard knees and then scored a takedown.  Brown scrambled for a D’arce choke, but Dwyer didn’t seem to be effected by it.  He escaped the hold and tried to take Brown down, but ended up on his own back again.  He scrambled back to his feet and started throwing shots to end the round.

Official Result: Randy Brown def. Matt Dwyer via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) 

Randy Brown won his UFC debut and extended his undefeated record to 7-0.  Matt Dwyer drops to 8-4 in defeat.

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