[Video Highlights] UFC Boston Results || Paul Felder chokes out Daron Cruickshank in the third

Photo Credit || Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Boston, Massachusetts: After an entertaining back-and-forth brawl, Paul Felder finished his opponent Daron Cruickshank in round three with an impressive rear-naked choke.

UFC Fight Night 81 was held on January 17, 2016 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Paul Felder vs. Daron Cruickshank took place on the preliminary portion of the card which aired on UFC Fight Pass.

Round 1: Felder opens with a missed kick high and right low kick followup. Cruickshank briefly sweeps Felder and backs up, eating a right straight. Cruickshank misses a left-right combination and Felder lands another leg kick. Felder feints with a knee strike and forces Cruickshank to retreat and circle away. Cruickshank lands a side kick to the face of Felder and ‘the Irish Dragon’ pushes Cruickshank against the cage, engaging in a clinch battle. Cruickshank lands a short elbow and reverses the position. A spinning elbow with a followup left straight lands against the cage for Cruickshank. Felder is defending a takedown at the 1:30 mark, landing elbows and attacking with a guillotine choke. Cruickshank pops out easily, but cannot make much of full guard and Felder gets back to his feet. A clinch battle resumes and Felder lands a heavy knee. Cruickshank is taken down but immediately spins into Felder’s guard. An exciting first round comes to an end with Cruickshank on top. 

Round 2: Felder runs out to start the second frame, with Cruickshank landing a body kick. A series of spinning kicks land for Cruickshank as he transitions into a double leg attempt. Felder is landing elbows on the defense and ends up reversing the attempt, holding Cruickshank in half guard against the cage. Cruickshank pushes out and connects with a devastating wheel kick. Cruickshank pushes forward, landing a heavy combination including a spinning backfist. Felder is defending another takedown attempt and decides to drops down, locking in a triangle from the bottom. Cruickshank is stuck in the position with Felder landing shots to the ribs. The submission is loosening up and Cruickshank gets back to his feet, still looking for a takedown. Cruickshank slams Felder into guard as the second ends. 

Round 3: Felder cracks his opponent with a right leg kick. Cruickshank is forced against the cage with Felder initiating a strong clinch. Both athletes are trading knees in the clinch, but they are hardly connecting. Cruickshank drops down and spins away, going for a takedown attempt. Felder denies the takedown and takes the back of ‘the Detroit Superstar’. Felder tries to throw his opponent down, and at 2:15 he manages to achieve full guard. Cruickshank is eating elbows from the bottom and breathing very heavily. Felder takes the back and attacks with a rear-naked choke. His arms are tightly underneath the chin and Cruickshank has no choice but to tap at 3:56 of the third.

Official Result: Paul Felder def. Daron Cruickshank via submission (rear-naked choke) 3:56 RND 3

Bouncing back from two losses, Paul Felder advances to 11-2. Daron Cruickshank drops down to 16-8.

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