Kavanagh: ‘Third title at welterweight a real possibility for McGregor’

The UFC featherweight champion already has a fight lined up at UFC 197 for the lightweight championship against current champion Rafael dos Anjos however his coach, John Kavanagh is already looking ahead to future challenges.

McGregor wasted little time in trash talking to lightweight champ ahead of their main event slot at UFC 197 scheduled to be held on March 5, 2016 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. If McGregor is successful in making history — the first fighter to simultaneously hold two belts in UFC history — a possible defence of his featherweight crown against #1 contender Frankie Edgar at UFC 200 is entirely possible.

The elephant in the room in this situation, of course, has been Frankie Edgar. If Conor’s next fight was announced as being against Frankie, there would be a lot of complaints about him cutting too much weight and being too big for the rest of the 145lbs guys. People would also claim that he was running from Rafael dos Anjos.

Instead, they’ll say he should be staying at featherweight and that he’s afraid of Frankie. But as I’ve said many times before, it’s great that questions are being asked because answering them is what sport is all about. The day there are no more questions being asked of you is the day you’re no longer relevant.

No matter who Conor’s next opponent was going to be, people would complain. There’s no getting away from that. There are boxes to be ticked and, by the time Conor retires, he’ll have addressed them all. But they can’t all be done at the drop of a hat. We can only take it one at a time. Rafael dos Anjos is next. After that, maybe Frankie Edgar will get his chance at UFC 200 on 9 July. We’ll see. – John Kavanagh via the42.ie:

If McGregor was to capture the lightweight crown and make UFC history, we should not rule out McGregor challenging for a third piece of UFC gold.

I think people will be surprised too when they see him standing beside these guys and they realise that even at lightweight, Conor is a pretty big guy.

And maybe the pursuit of belts won’t stop there either. I’ve said from the beginning that welterweight may not be out of the question. One of Conor’s main sparring partners, Gunnar Nelson, is a welterweight, so Conor is very used to that feel. I would not be at all surprised if we’re preparing to go for a third belt a year from now.

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