White open to letting McGregor chase after two titles without vacating featherweight strap

When Conor McGregor unified the UFC featherweight title against Jose Aldo at UFC 194 in December, his mind quickly changed to fight the winner of Rafael dos Anjos vs. Donald Cerrone a week later in Orlando.

However, the UFC quickly shot down that McGregor could consecutivly hold two belts at the same time from two different weight-classes. The UFC’s Vice President of Public Relations Dave Sholler said at the Post Fight Press Conference that if McGregor were to move up to 155lbs that the Irishman would have to vacate his 145lb strap.

McGregor’s press conference then began, and ‘The Notorious’ one quickly stated that if he were to move up in weight, there is no chance that he would be vacating the belt he had worked so hard to win at UFC 194.

“I’ll tell you one thing that won’t be happening,” he said. “If I go to that lightweight division, there’s no way in hell that I’m vacating my belt. That’s not happening. There’ll be a belt on one shoulder, and a belt on the other shoulder.

“I understand why previously they would have fighters do that, because many fighters don’t fight as frequently as I do. Tell me how many fights I’ve had in the past year. I’m busy. I stay active. When I go up to lightweight and I take that lightweight belt, I will still be the featherweight champion.”

Now it seems that UFC President Dana White has come round to the idea of his biggest star owning both 145lb and 155lb titles at the same time. White appeared on UFC Tonight and mentioned that he is open to McGregor chase the lightweight title aswell as defend the featherweight gold.

With the green light from the President, does this make way for Rafael dos Anjos vs. Conor McGregor in the near future?


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