UFC 195 Results || In an instant classic, Lawler retains title with split decision over Carlos Condit

Las Vegas, Nevada: Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit lived up to the expectations, and delivered a brilliant welterweight showdown tonight at UFC 195. Robbie Lawler managed to earn a split decision victory over Condit, with the official scores coming in at 48-47, 47-48, 48-47.

UFC 195 took place on January 2, 2016 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit took place on the main card which aired on PPV.

Round 1: Condit offers some tentative kicks to start things off. Lawler forces Condit against the cage and threatens with a few feints. Condit continues to throw kicks, looking for his range. Lawler throws a huge uppercut but it misses, and he forces Condit to retreat. Condit lands a counter and drops Lawler, but he immediately gets back up with a smile on his face. Condit throws a good knee and another left-right combination. A pair of body kicks by Condit, as Lawler backs away temporarily. Condit lands a straight right and plods forward, clinching Lawler against the fence for a few moments. With a minute remaining, Condit lands a few more body kicks but Lawler fires back with a right counter. Condit throws a right straight left kick combination and Lawler evades back to center canvas. A busy and strong round for the challenger.

Round 2: Lawler throws a good left body kick to initiate the second round. Condit lands a nice leg kick, keeping his hands high to avoid any counter attack. Condit throws some more kicks and Lawler is trying to check. Lawler catches Condit coming in with a decent right hand. Another huge counter lands for Lawler and Condit drops down. Lawler is in full guard and Condit is trying to attack off his back. Lawler stands back up and allows Condit to do the same. Lawler checks another leg kick and circles to the left, looking for more counters. Condit eats a few more counters with a minute to go, but is still pressing forward with kicks. Lawler lands another right counter just before the bell rings. Good round for the champion.

Round 3: Lawler eats a couple of leg kicks early into the third. Condit is circling on the outside and trying to stay mobile. The champ is pressing forward however, and landing great combinations against the cage. Condit retreats and eats a hard right hand on the way out. NBK lands a left-right combination with a followup body kick. Another right hand lands on the challenger, and Lawler has to go on the defensive for a change. Condit jumps in for a clinch attack with a minute remaining, but Lawler reverses the situation and uses a takedown attempt to regain to center canvas. Condit lands another solid kick to the body, and Lawler is retreating once more to end the third round.

Round 4: Condit is landing more kicks, looking to stay the aggressor in the fourth. Lawler avoids a teep to the face and misses a counter left of his own. Lawler lands a right straight but Condit seems unphased by it. Condit now lands a couple of solid combinations, but Lawler continues to press forward. An inside leg kick drops Lawler temporarily. Robbie starts unloading, but slips on the canvas, giving Condit a chance to recover from the onslaught. On the reset, Condit is landing a variety of leg kicks and attempts a flying knee with just over a minute remaining. More body kicks land, and Lawler circles out, staying relatively passive. Condit rocks Lawler and smells blood, going in for followup combinations but Lawler is hanging in there and trading back.

Round 5: In the final round, Condit continues his gameplan by opening with body kicks. However, Lawler is looking desperate and throwing heavy hands, trying to put Condit away. NBK backs away and lands a few light counters, aware that Lawler could be head hunting. Lawler connects with a left hand but Condit fires back with a beautiful combination of his own. Lawler is now absorbing some heavy damage as Condit goes for a superman punch off the cage. Condit lands a handful of combinations and Lawler is starting to cover up and fade on his striking output. Robbie throws a right hand, high kick combination, but Condit counters with a body kick and Lawler is forced to cover up. With two minutes to go, Condit continues to land but eats a hard counter. Lawler fires back with another right hand, and Condit is against the cage, absorbing heavy damage. Condit is in big trouble; Lawler is looking for the finish. Amazingly, Condit recovers and starts to fire back. Both men are exhausted and with thirty seconds remaining they return to exchanging at the center of the octagon. An epic welterweight showdown.

Official Result: Robbie Lawler def. Carlos Condit via split decision (48-47 Condit, 48-47 Lawler, 48-47 Lawler).

Still the UFC 170lbs champ, Lawler advances to 27-10 as Carlos Condit drops down to 30-9.

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