UFC 195 Results || Dustin Poirier takes tough unanimous decision from Joe Duffy

Las Vegas, Nevada: Dustin Poirier tasted Joseph Duffy’s power on the feet, but was able to dominate him on the mat and earn a clear decision victory.

UFC 195 took place on January 2, 2016 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dustin Poirier vs. Joseph Duffy took place on the preliminary card which aired on UFC Fight Pass.

Round 1: Poirier landed a nice counter left over Duffy’s jab almost immediately.  Both Guys opened up quick after that, with  each landing good combos.  Duffy had his hands low and was working behind the jab a lot.  Poirier, on the other hand, was throwing more kicks than Duffy.  Porier got hurt with a right hand and was in a bit of trouble along the fence for a moment, but survived and made it back to the center.  Duffy was looking very calm, and caught Poirier with a solid uppercut.  Poirier was bleeding at this point.  He did land some good dirty boxing, though, and forced Duffy back to the cage before scoring a takedown.  Duffy got his back to the cage, but Poirier scored with a massive elbow and went for a guillotine.  Duffy defended, however, and made it back to his feet.  Both men continued to swing as the fight went back to the center of the cage before the bell rang.

Round 2: Poirier’s nose was still bleeding when he came out for the 2nd round, making one wonder if it was broken in the 1st.  Duffy kept up with the boxing, looking to take full advantage of Poirier’s condition.  Dustin forced the fight to the cage, however, and secured another takedown.  Duffy once again quickly got his back to the cage, but ended up giving up half-guard as he tried to stand.  Duffy transitioned to full-guard, but was still against the cage.  Poirier started landing some hard GnP, especially with his elbows.  Duffy’s eyes were beginning to seriously swell, at this point in the fight.  He was having some major problems trying to defend against Poirier’s elbows.  Duffy could only hold on while Dustin poured it on him before the round ended.

Round 3: Duffy’s left eye was basically swollen shut as he came out for the final round.  he kept up the pace, though, and tried to land some sharp strikes.  Poirier was backing up calmly as he defended, but not doing much for the opening seconds of the last stanza.  Duffy couldn’t keep it on the feet, though, and ended up giving up another takedown a minute into the 3rd.  Like before, he couldn’t immediately stand using the fence.  Duffy was able, however, to latch onto a heelhook attempt and force Poirier to defend before switching back to top position with 2 minutes left.  The referee stood it up with about a minute left, giving Duffy one more chance to get the finish standing.  Duffy did land some good shots that seemed to bother Dustin, but once again, Poirier landed the takedown.  Dustin snatched a triangle, but ran out of time.

Official Result: Dustin Poirier def. Joseph Duffy via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Dustin Poirer is now 19-4 in MMA.  Duffy dropped only his second bout, leaving him at 14-2.

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