UFC on FOX 17 || Nate Diaz successful in Octagon return, captures unanimous decision

Orlando, FL  – After an exciting three rounds of combat, Nate Diaz took a unanimous decision over opponent Michael Johnson, with the scores coming in at 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

UFC on Fox 17 took place December 19, 2015 at the Amway Center in Orlando, Fl.  Nate Diaz vs Michael Johnson was contested on the main card portion of the event.

Lightweights Michael Johnson and Nate Diaz wasted no time, with Diaz pawing a right jab, Johnson countering with a left straight. Throwing a pair of low kicks, Johnson established the role of agressor and looked for openings on the taller opponent. Diaz continued to eat low kicks throughout the first. With half way through the first, Diaz started to land some good counters against Johnson, forcing his opponent to retreat and slow down. Johnson landed an effective body kick with one minute remaining, trying to regain control of the match. As the round ends, Diaz is verbally taunting Johnson and the ref has to briefly intervene.

Johnson landed a very hard right hand right as the second frame began. Diaz, switching stances, circled back and connected with a combination of his own. Half way through the fight and both men are trading in the center, with Diaz gaining an edge with his jab. Johnson is still landing heavy shots of his own, and Diaz starts to drop his hands, taunting Johnson. Diaz cracks Johnson with a left straight, pointing and verbally attacking the Blackzillians associate. Surprisingly, Johnson trades back to show he is still in the fight. A very entertaining second round, with the advantage going towards Diaz.

With the start of the third round, Johnson is pushing forward and looking to catch Diaz off his rhythm. Despite his efforts, Diaz lands a frustrating counter on Johnson and avoids the counter. Johnson is starting to throw many missed strikes and Diaz is landing increased combinations and jabs. Johnson’s endurance is fading, and his shots are all but missing. Nate continued his striking arsenal, making a strong case for a decision victory. With the final seconds counting down, Johnson shot for a takedown, with Diaz attempting to reverse with a kneebar submission. As the bout comes to a close, Diaz is still holding the lock, prompting Johnson to kick his opponent off in a very bizarre end.

Nate Diaz moves up to 18-10 with the decision victory. Michael Johnson drops down to 16-10.

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