UFC on FOX 17 || Tamden McCrory submits Josh Samman in UFC return.

Orlando, FL- After 6 years away from the Octagon, Tamden McCrory looked brilliant on the mat against Josh Samman.

UFC on Fox 17 took place December 19, 2015 at the Amway Center in Orlando, Fl.  Josh Samman vs Tamden McCrory was contested on the preliminary portion of the event.

Samman immediately slipped a right hand and landed a leg kick that tripped McCrory up, but that allowed “The Barn Cat” to slip in for a takedown attempt.  He ended up pressing Samman against the cage with double-underhooks.  It was Samman, however, who ended up tripping McCrory and landed in top position.  he was able to briefly take half guard and cut McCrory with some ground and pound.  McCrory was able to threaten with an armbar and then a triangle choke before getting the sweep.  It didn’t last long though, as Samman soon switched the position again.  McCrory was extremely active with sub attmepts, though, and briefly took Samman’s back after a kimura attempt.  Once again, Samman was able to quickly scramble back to to top control.  The round ended with Samman looking for some more ground and pound.

Samman wanted to take the fight back to the mat at the beginning of Round 2 and did so within 30 secs of the start of the round.  He was able to briefly posture up and land some punches, but McCrory used an omaplata to reverse position and take Samman’s back before settling for top position.  Samman was stuck against the cage as McCrory landed several hard elbows and then began to lay it on with punches.  McCrory took half guard and continued to land good shots from top position.  He eventually started to set up a kimura while simultaneously looking to mount.  He ran out of time, however, and had to prepare for a 3rd round.

Samman once again tried to score a takedown at the beginning of the round, but McCrory ended up taking the same position he ended the 2nd round in.  He postured up and landed some serious shots before getting tight to Samman again.  Samman tried to stand, but almost gave up his back and had to retreat back to the mat, allowing McCrory to land more left hands.  McCrory ended up allowing Samman to switch positions around the 2:00 minute mark, but quickly slapped on a tight triangle choke.  he began landing elbows as Samman tried to defend.  Finally, Samman had no choice but to tap to the choke.

The submission finish came at 4:10 of Round 3 via a triangle choke submission.

Tamden McCrory pushed his overall record to 14-3 with a successful return to the UFC and forced Josh Samman’s record to 12-3 overall.

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