UFC on FOX 17 || Nik Lentz returns to LW and wins by split decision

Orlando, FL- Nik Lentz had to fight off fatigue and a game Danny Castillo in his return to the lightweight division, but he was able to do enough to earn the vicory in the eye’s of a pair of judges.

UFC on Fox 17 took place December 19, 2015 at the Amway Center in Orlando, Fl.  Nik Lentz vs Danny Castillo was contested on the preliminary portion of the event.

There was a little bit of circling before Lentz tried to close the distance and take it to the mat.  Castillo defended and stepped away, but Lentz was the man moving forward.  He was using takedown attempts to land shots, but then landed a great hip-toss about a minute and a hlf into the bout.  he did some work from top and then snatched a guillotine attempt as Castillo tried to stand.  He pulled full guard, but Castillo wouldn’t go to the mat at first, instead choosing to prop Lentz against the cage.  Castilo eventually fought his way out of the hold and even went for an arm-triangle choke after taking top position.  Lentz, however, was wise to it and was soon back on his feet landing shots as he waded forward.  Castillo was really starting to looked to be tiring from the pressure, but he landed some good shots of his own.  The round ended with Nik Lentz holding Castillo against the cage and landing knees.

Lentz appeared to be the fresher man as the 2nd stanza go underway.  He refused to allow Castillo a moment to breathe as he advanced with hard combos.  The kicks started to score for Lentz, as well.  he went to the body and the legs with them while throwing hooks in between the attempts.  The volume opened up Castillo for a takedown, but Lentz couldn’t hold him on the mat for long.  Castillo tried a takedown of his own, but ended up in a front headlock fending of knees.   he pushed in for another takedown attempt, but was caught in another guillotine attempt from Lentz.  Luckily for Castillo, Lentz made a mistake and ended up allowing Castillo to pass to side control, but only briefly.  Lentz made it back to his feet and exchanged shots with Castillo for the remainder of the round.

Castillo tried to up his ouput to start the final round, but Lentz cut him off with another quick takedown before anything substantial could be landed.  he tried to switch to Castillo’s back, but couldn’t finish it and ended up standing again.  This time Castillo scored with a double leg, fending off yet another guillotine attempt in the process.  He couldn’t do much with it, though, and Lentz was back on his feet shortly thereafter.  Lentz was pushing forward still, but his volume of strikes had decreased drastically by now, allowing Castillo to get another brief takedown.  Both men were breathing heavily, but Castillo was throwing more strikes.  Lentz, however, tried to up the pace with less than 1 minute left in the contest, but was too tired to inflict any real damage before the bell sounded.

The scores were closer than Lentz probably anticipated, but the judges ultimately gave him the split decision victory with scores of 28-29, 29-28, and 30-27.

Nik Lentz moved to 26-7 after emerging victorious in his return to the lightweight division.  Castillo, however, falls to 17-10 after the losing effort.

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