UFC on FOX 17 || Jim Alers unintentionally pokes Miller in the eye; Forces No Contest

Orlando, FL- It started off as a competitive stand-up battle, but Jim Alers eventually stuck a finger in Cole Miller’s eye, causing the bout to be stopped prematurely.

UFC on Fox 17 took place December 19, 2015 at the Amway Center in Orlando, Fl.  Jim Alers vs Cole Miller was contested on the preliminary portion of the event.

Alers started off looking to land leg kicks, but Miller caught him with a really sharp jab  and kept trying to go back to it.  Miller definitely had the reach advantage and was looking to take advantage of it, but was still pressuring Alers.  Alers started to get his range down, though, and landed some good power shots as Miller tried to advance.  The leg kicks were still scoring for Alers, as well, which seemed to slow Miller down a tad as the 1st round went on.  Miller attempted some kicks of his own, but they weren’t as successful as his opponent’s were.  Round 1 took place entirely on the feet with neither man attempting a takedown.   Alers had a cut that the docotr wanted to take a peek at during the break, but it didn’t look dangerous and the fight continued.

Miller looked to have slowed slightly at the beginning of the 2nd, but it didn’t stop him from aggressively seeking to land hard punches.  Alers was moving well, though, and easily avoided most of Miller’s attacks.  Unfortunately, Alers stuck a finger right in Miller’s left eye as he tried to evade an exchange, prompting the doctor to come in and take a look at the damage done.  Miller was clearly in pain and was having a lot of trouble opening the affected eye.  He stated that he couldn’t open his eye, which had swelled shut by now, and Herb Dean was forced to call off the action.  That’s a disappointing ending for both men.

The action was halted at 1:44 of Round 2 and declared a No Contest.

This was the first No Contest of both men’s fighting career.

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