UFC 194 || Yoel Romero secures split decision victory over Jacare

Las Vegas, NV – Yoel Romero almost got the TKO in round one, and did enough in the second and third to earn a split decision victory over Jacare Souza.

UFC 194 was held on December 12, 2015 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Ronaldo Souza vs. Yoel Romero took place on the main card portion of the event.

Romero opened the fight with a nice upkick to the body. Jacare, hands high, throws tentative strikes, trying to find the range and timing of Romero. Without much action in the first couple of minutes, Romero backpeddled, perhaps trying to bait Jacare forward. With two minutes remaining, the ‘Soldier of God’ cracks Jacare and dives into guard. Unloading heavy ground and pound, Romero did not give Jacare any chances to look for effective submission attempts. As the first round came to an end, Romero shook out of an armbar attempt and continued to hammer Jacare with strikes from the bottom. Between rounds, Jacare was showing signs of damage, visibly wobbled.

Keeping calm and looking for another opening, Romero began round two with a slow pace. Unable to get in close enough to grapple with his opponent, Jacare seemed at a loss half way through the battle. Grabbing the fence, Romero defended a takedown at the two minute mark and managed to get top control. Overturning the takedown on account of the fence grab, both men are returned standing. Romero looked quite tired at the end of the second, with Jacare looking to regain his composure.

As the last round started, both men approached with tentative strikes, without much action for the first few minutes. Jacare looked to play the aggressor, unloading combinations and securing a takedown with two minutes remaining. Knowing he was behind, Souza used offensive grappling and ground strikes to take authority over the bout. A very close match-up between the two middleweight elites ended with Romero standing up, both men raising their hands.

Jacare, dropping the split decision, falls to 22-4. Yoel ‘Soldier of God’ Romero improves to 11-1.

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