UFC 194 || Max Holloway edges Jeremy Stephens, earns unanimous decision

Las Vegas, NV – Max Holloway used effective counters and good takedown defense to earn a solid victory at UFC 194.

UFC 194 was held on December 12, 2015 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Max Holloway vs. Jeremy Stephens took place on the main card  portion of the event.

Stephens and Holloway brought quick action to round one early on. Looking for his range, Holloway took the center of the octagon and forced his opponent to cover up at the three minute mark. Stephens was unable to capitalize on his heavy strikes and moved for a clinch against the cage shortly after. ‘Lil Heathen’, unable to take Holloway to the mat, pushed away with one minute to go. As the first frame winds down, Stephens is looking for another takedown against the cage. Both men traded competitively and made for an entertaining start to the main card.

Winging punches early on, Stephens connected to the body of Holloway, catching his opponent’s attention. Stephens continued to look for takedowns during the second round, but Holloway’s impressive defense remained steadfast through the entire frame. Controlling with higher volume and counters, Holloway still managed to keep control of the fight. Like the first round, the second was very close with Holloway taking a striking advantage and Stephens still searching for takedowns and cage control.

With round three, Holloway landed a slick trip-takedown one minute in and started landing ground and pound. Frustrating his opponent, the Hawaiian looked to threaten with submissions and striking against the cage. Taking the back, Holloway threatened again with a rear-naked choke until being reversed and thrown to his feet. Despite trying to finish the fight standing and looking for more takedowns, Stephens was unable to make much of the final fight minutes.

Taking the victory, Max Holloway moves up to 15-3 as Jeremy Stephens falls to 24-12.

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