UFC 194 || Luke Rockhold becomes the new UFC Middleweight Champion

Las Vegas, NV – Luke Rockhold ended the reign of Chris Weidman tonight at UFC 194, with a brutal ground and pound TKO finish at round 4 of the fight.

UFC 194 was held on December 12, 2015 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chris Weidman vs. Luke Rockhold (c)  took place on the main card portion of the event.

Weidman & Rockhold did not take a tentative approach early on, with Weidman throwing a high kick and getting in the face of his opponent. Pushing forward, the champ avoids a big left hand and jumps on the back of Rockhold. One minute in and Weidman loses the back control, with Rockhold back to his feet. Shortly after, Weidman landed another double but is stood up. The challenger was unable to deal with the early pressure and offered little to no offense as Weidman continued to take him down. Being stood up with thirty seconds to go, Weidman landed another takedown but is reversed and threatened with a brief guillotine before the round comes to an end.

Rockhold cracked Weidman early into the second, following up with a hard body kick and resetting in the center. Weidman looked for a brief double leg and proceeded to push Rockhold back against the cage, but could not mount much of an offense in the round. Rockhold landed a variety of kicks throughout the second, with Weidman unable to defend many of the strikes. Mainly looking for single jabs and clinch attempts, it would be hard to give Weidman this particular round. With one minute left in the second, Rockhold’s heavy strikes are accumulating but the champion continues to plod forward.

Round three opened moderately slower than the first two, with Weidman pushing forward, looking for a takedown against the cage at the four minute mark. Not able to grapple with Rockhold, ‘All-American’ Weidman went back to striking at the half way mark of the fight. However, Rockhold took total control of the latter half, taking down Weidman and transitioning from back control to full mount. Unloading heavy elbows and cutting open Weidman, referee Herb Dean had nearly stopped the fight which had just become very intense.

With the championship round beginning, Weidman’s bloodied and bruised face became a prime target for Rockhold. Landing a short left-right combination, Rockhold pushed the defending champ against the cage and secured a takedown with four minutes to go. Teeing off with strikes throughout, Weidman could not defend the incoming damage and the fight was called at

Luke Rockhold is now the UFC Middleweight Champion and improves to 15-2. Chris Weidman suffers his first professional defeat and falls to 13-1.

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